Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show: Sat. Gitanjali Guiterrez, James Yee, Linda Couch, Brenda Dardar Robinchiaux; Sunday: Jonathan Kozol

As always, Laura Flanders rates her own entry:

This Week on The Laura Flanders Show

This weekend on Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
The Bush crew’s running for cover -- and they need it.
We’ll talk about the Miers nomination, and just why the Right’s in such a frenzy.
And consider the administration’s worries:
The hunger strike by 200 Guantanamo detainees -- we'll get a report from Gitanjali Guiterrez from the Center for Consitutional Rights, and Gitmo Chaplain James Yee who was wrongly accused of espionage.
The post-Katrina housing crisis -- we'll speak with Linda Couch, Deputy Director of National Low Income Housing Coalition, and Brenda Dardar Robinchiaux, Principal Chief of the Houman Nation, Louisiana.
And on Sunday we'll speak with educator, civil rights activist, and author, Jonathan Kozol about how school segregation has reverted to a level that the nation has not seen since 1968.
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Two things quickly.

First, the community loves The Laura Flanders Show (as do I). Two Fridays ago, I offered Flanders as the alternative to the Sunday Chat & Chews. But a few members felt Flanders was sullied just be being mentioned alongside the names of the Sunday Chat & Chew hosts. So we'll keep Flanders out of the Sunday Chat & Chews entries even as a "Here's how you do a show about what's effecting America and present a real range of voices and opinions."

Second, Ruth reports that Flanders is focusing on The Laura Flanders Show and is no longer with Your Call. We were going to add that to the permalinks due to requests but I'll put that on hold (I'll use any excuse to avoid getting into the template, true) unless I hear from members that they want the show added. (There were requests for that after Ruth mentioned it in one of her reports. But since Flanders is a community favorite, I'll wait and see if the interest is still there now that Flanders has moved on.) Also remember that some of are members are sight impaired and a good audio link is something they can enjoy (I'm thinking of two members specifically) with their partners, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to provide it. (The community is in the process of figuring out their stance on NPR -- that's Friday's poll in the gina & krista round-robin and you need to reply to that by Tuesday. Whether we take part in the latest efforst re: NPR or not, the link will remain becuase the majority of our links take you to text and we do have sight impaired members.)

There's actually a third. I'm looking at an e-mail from Mia and she went to Borders Friday to browse and found Laura Flanders' Bushwomen. She's half-way through the book and urges everyone to consider picking up the book. (It's a great book and it's also one of Maria's favorite books.) Mia writes that she was very depressed as she looked around the section seeing various "blondes & blowhards from the right" and was about to give up on getting a book "after seeing that Scott Ritter's new book on Iraq focuses on the nineties" when she discovered Flanders' Bushwomen.

Mia: It has the usual blend of humor, insight and common sense that I expect from Laura. This is a great book!

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