Thursday, November 24, 2005

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David S. Cloud's left to put out the spin in the New York Times this morning. He's not the only one, but he gets the tired spin. It's Thanksgiving. People have turned against the war. People get together at Thanksgiving. Bully Boy needs spin. Can't risk losing the last die hards who still worship Chairman Bully Boy so what's a Rovian under pressure to do but trot out the same old song: "U.S. Considers Troop Cuts After Iraq Holds Elections."

The administration keeps trying to put out that single but it keeps failing to chart. Possibly some will be taken in. But we heard it after the last elections, we heard it after the charter election, we've heard it in 2003, we've heard it in 2004, we hear it again in 2005.

Francisco e-mails to note Larry Rohter's "Pinochet Held on Charges Linked to Bank Accounts:"

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the former military dictator of Chile, was arrested Wednesday in Santiago on tax fraud and passport forgery charges arising from secret bank accounts holding millions of dollars that he maintained under false names in the United States and elsewhere.
Since returning to Chile after being freed from detention in Britain in March 2000 on Spanish court accusations of human rights violations and genocide, General Pinochet has twice been formally accused of human rights violations during the 17 years he was in power. But this is the first time he has been charged with other crimes, and lawyers said the likelihood of a trial and conviction was greater on these charges.
"I believe that yes, it is definitely going to be possible to determine the exact origins of Pinochet's multimillion-dollar patrimony," Carmen Hertz, a human rights lawyer who filed one of the original complaints against General Pinochet, told reporters in Santiago, the Chilean

Melinda e-mails to note the Associated Press' "Nepal Rebels and Political Parties in Accord Aimed Against King:"

Nepal's Communist rebels and seven main political parties say they have reached an agreement to strengthen opposition to King Gyanendra, who seized absolute power earlier this year.
Under the agreement announced Tuesday, the two sides called for a return to democracy and pledged to reinstate a parliament, conduct elections and draft a new constitution - a condition set by the rebels.
"It is our clear understanding that unless the autocratic rule is ended and full democracy is restored, there will be no peace or progress in the country," the agreement said.

There's not much in the Times today (there are other Associated Press sotries.) That's because it's a holiday. So happy holidays.

And be sure to check out Democracy Now! today. Rebecca and Mike are encouraging people to share the program this holiday. So if you usually have it on the radio, TV or computer, consider doing so today so that you can get the word out.

Rod advises that a scheduled topic will be:

An interview with the "Chimpanzee Lady" - Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall on her Guide to Mindful Eating, animals, the environment and her life.

I'll add that I believe I heard (in yesterday program) Amy Goodman also note that Native Americans would be a topic. (And I'm thinking she referred to them being from the New Orleans area.)

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