Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where are the entries?

Where are the entries?

Ruth asked if she could do a "polish" on her Ruth's Morning Edition Report. I've been holding things as I waited for it to arrive because I'd like the Laura Flanders' post (Gloria Steinem on the broadcast today) to be the last one. It arrived an hour ago and it's long. I've been attempting to catch the spacing (copying from an e-mail into a Blogger window results in everything running together) and have also had to enlist Dallas' help (thank you, Dallas) on hunting down links. He's also helping with the tags for Ruth's entry. It will go up within ten minutes. Then give time for things to index (repeatedly or they won't be read by Techonorati -- blame Rebecca, if you want to blame someone for that, she's the one advocating we tag posts, it's time consuming and I don't care for it).

But after you see Ruth's entry, you will slowly see Maria's and then the one on Flanders.

As for my entry? I don't think there's time (truly, you have to index, or at this site I do, over and over to get it read by Technorati and that's with "manually pinging" them). If it's not up here, I'm carrying it over to The Third Estate Sunday Review and we'll all rework it there.

No tags, no links in this entry. It's just an FYI because e-mails are pouring in asking where are the entries today.

The e-mail address for this site is (The community will be thrilled with Ruth's Morning Edition Report.)