Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Bully Boy Christmas

A Bully Boy Christmas. Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts. Bully Boy is scowling and kicking a gift across the room while he snarls "Stupid U.N.!" Condi explains to Dick, "They tried to give him peace." Posted by Picasa

Note that this is a repost. A friend called to say that Isaiah's comic has vanished, so I logged into Hello, resent and then logged into Blogspot thinking the problem was like the vanishing e-mailed entries -- if they aren't indexed and published within Blogspot, they will disappear.

Isaiah's comic hadn't disappeared in the posts listed in this account. The original's still below. UK Computer Gurus point to when Pru's statement on how her city (London) would not cower and another thing (they believe on Bob Woodward) vanished and they're assuming it's due to "heavy traffic."

Regardless, it's worth noting twice. (Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts.)