Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's not a one-night stand, says swingin' John Bolton

The above is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts from May 12, 2005. As Isaiah told The Third Estate Sunday Review about the above comic:

With John Bolton, I was listening to The Majority Report that night and thinking, 'This is a cartoon.' I e-mailed C.I. and asked if it was okay because at the time only Larry Flynt was making the charges that Bolton's sexual background including some 'swinging times.' I wanted to be sure there wasn't a problem with the topic or with the charges coming from Flynt. C.I. noted that Flynt was on Democracy Now! and that my spot is editorial because that's what the comics are so do whatever I want. After I read that, I thought, 'The vote's going down tomorrow from the panel, I don't want to wait until Sunday to weigh in on this.' So I sketched it out quickly and sent it to C.I. asking if it was okay. The response I got back was that every line was visible so it would go up tomorrow morning. Which was pretty cool because I meant is the cartoon itself okay? I had Bolton with one arm wrapped around the United Nations building and with the other hand, he's got a finger playing with the building while he's talking about a three way with the European Union and stuff."

Why bring it up (besides that it's a great editorial cartoon)?

In the latest issue of The Progressive (January 2006), on page eleven, from "No Comment:"*

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton expressed frustration at the pace of the reform at the United Nations, saying in November that this is a "moment of crisis" for the international body, reports Voice of America. "Reform is not a one-night stand," Bolton told a reporter. "Reform is forever."

"Reform is not a one-night stand." Interesting comparison coming from the swingin' John Bolton, no?

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[*I used so many commas, I feel like the New York Times' Somini Sengupta.]