Saturday, December 03, 2005

Via Martha, here's what's coming up on The Laura Flanders Show:

Today on The Laura Flanders Show
Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
From cutting and running after Katrina to shredding more than abortion rights. We look at corruption
'W' style and consider solutions.
MILES RAPOPORT, president of on Connecticut's political reforms.
ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project director, on what difference a single Supreme Court decision might make.
A report from the U.N. global warming conference with KERT DAVIES,
GreenpeaceUSA research director.
And singer-songwriter-animal rights activist
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So the topics will include political reform, abortion rights, global warming and musical guest Joy Askew who will talk activism and about who knows what else? That's not an insult. That's just to note that she's had quite a career and could speak of performing and touring with any number of people -- Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson . . . She has a plethora of professional experiences to share from. And, like Marci, I always enjoy Saturday's last hour best it explores the line between politics and art. So today's show has quite a mix. (And in case I don't have the time to post on Sunday, remember The Laura Flanders Show airs on Saturdays and Sundays -- Sunday is not a rebroadcast of Saturday's show.)

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