Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jess and Ava note

Jess here. Ava and I have read the members' e-mails on a topic. We're taking care of it right now by delinking. I doubt C.I. will mind and I doubt C.I. will have anything to say on the issue.
I haven't talked to Mike but he got an e-mail from a member about this and called Dona who, as soon as she got off the phone with Mike, told Ava and me, "Get online and delink from that jerk. She's got nothing to say worth hearing."

Mike may write something on this. I doubt C.I. will even comment. If Mike does write on it, either he or Nina came up with a hilarious nickname. Dona told us and we were laughing so hard. I won't give it out here in case he is planning on writing on it. I've deleted two paragraphs to avoid the "wrath of C.I." who would say (say it with me, everyone), "High road."

I'll also add that Dona and Mike both believe the slam was at Wally and that if that's the case, C.I. may have something to say because you don't mess with Wally. C.I.'s protective of everyone in the community but members know that Wally ended up not writing for a week due to depression so if some scold wants to come along and slam Wally, C.I.'s not going to put up with it. (Ava says: "You'll note the scold is now writing about a Willie Nelson song after telling everyone else how 'ASHAMED' they should be and how awful they are -- this a day after listing topics that blogs should be focusing on -- the scold should follow her own advice.") So after this goes up, she's delinked.

Ava's reading this over my shoulder and said to put in that this entry reflects both of our feelings. It's no loss for the community. She doesn't "read good," does she? (Dona gave a quote to Mike, if he uses it, you'll know what that means.)

Pru got the slam forwarded to her and wrote her opinions which can be boiled down as "what an insufferable prat." Got to love Pru. Pru also wondered if it was the link to "HOW THE FAILURE TO IDENTIFY, PROSECUTE AND CONVICT PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S ASSASSINS HAS LED TO TODAY'S CRISIS OF DEMOCRACY" by Joan Mellen that bothered her? Possibly so, Pru. Pru also wondered if the woman still bores everyone with her job search? We have no idea. We don't go to the site. After she couldn't "read good," Ava had no use for her. And that was everyone at The Third Estate Sunday Review's opinion. As Ava also points out, no one else highlights her. Go to technorati and do a search and all you'll pull up are entries from this site. That won't happen again.

-- Jess and Ava