Saturday, February 18, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders heads to Nevada: D Taylor, Sheila Leslie, Kristina Wilfore

Kat here. Yeah, it's Saturday which means RadioNation with Laura Flanders! But before we get to who the actual broadcast, if you're in Nevada, you can actually be present for the broadcasts:

On Feb 18 and 19th, RadioNation with Laura Flanders will broadcast from Nevada -- this month's stop on Laura's "America is Purple" tour. The broadcasts are live and open to the public.
Come on down!

4-7 PM local time.
Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006.
RadioNation with Laura Flanders will broadcast live from:
Culinary Institute Union Hall
1630 South Commerce Street
Las Vegas Nevada 89102
SUNDAY, Feb 19, 2006
RadioNation with Laura Flanders will broadcast live from:
the offices of PLAN
(the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada)

821 Riverside Drive
Reno, Nevada 89503

Not in Nevada? Well lose the frowns, we can still listen:

RadioNation with Laura Flanders
LIVE from Las Vegas and Reno
This Weekend, RadioNation comes to you live from the Culinary Hall in Las Vegas and the Progressive Leadership Alliance in Reno.
Saturdays & Sundays, 7-10pm ET on Air America Radio
Want to know how red state Nevadans came to vote for new taxes? How they used a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage? Find out how casino workers built one of the strongest unions in the country and how women could claim two Congressional seats for Democrats. With D Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer of the Culinary Workers Local 226, Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie and Kristina Wilfore of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center.

We've got good news from Nevada, this weekend!
And as always, a one-hour version of last weekends's show is available for podcast at The Nation's website:
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

Let me talk about the podcast mentioned above because there's some confusion from two members who don't listen to podcasts. You can go to the website and you can listen. You don't have to podcast to listen to the one-hour version available at The Nation website. Or maybe you do. Dallas is checking links for me and he can't pull up RadioNation. It's there on the page, he clicks and waits and waits. So though no Blair on Facts of Life, I had a brilliant idea, Air America Place but . . . Dallas just checked and there last archived broadcast is from February 5th. Well, there's always the traditional ways to listen to the full broadcasts when they air on Saturdays and Sundays: via broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or listen online. And I actually do listen to Podcasts. It's not that hard. I'd recommend you download Juice on your computers. (That's my personal recommendation. Not C.I.'s or the recommendation of the community.) It's free software and you can listen on your computer to podcasts with it. You can also use it to listen on an iPod but you don't need one to listen to a podcast. But the point is, listen! Thanks to Dallas for hunting down links and if there are typos in Ruth's entry that just posted, they are my typos. To get that up, Ruth dictated it to me. Hold me accountable (like I'll care), not Ruth.

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