Saturday, March 18, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Alexander Cockburn, Christian Parenti and Carol Bellamy

Kat here. I'm getting ready to head out the door. Are you attending a protest? If not, what are you doing?

Sitting on your butt all day?

Well that will stop the war! You'll probably find the cure for cancer as well.

Seriously, get active. If you don't have an event in your area or you're not able to go out, call some friends and get them to come over. "House Party!" should replace "road trip!" as the rallying cry of this decade. It's certainly more energy efficient. It's the third anniversary. If you're not comfortable speaking out against the war now, when do you think you might be? Do you need to get back to me on that? All Puff, No Politics, eh? Don't tell me you're still suffering from "War Got Your Tongue?" That'll kill you, if it doesn't kill everyone else first.

Use your voice this weekend. And later today, this evening in some areas, what are you going to do? It's the weekend, hint, hint. What airs on Saturdays and Sundays?

RadioNation with Laura Flanders
Third Anniversary of the Iraq War
Three years after invading Iraq, DC Dems are running from censuring W. Even as Bush defends pre-emptive war and says Iran is next.
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Who says the left has no alternatives to war?

We talk to Alexander Cockburn who has no fear... and to the former director of the Peace Corps, and UNICEF President -- Carol Bellamy. Plus anti-war veterans call in from New Orleans; wounded Iraqi children describe their lives today.
And Nation author Christian Parenti on why Europeans are doing a better job than the US in Afghanistan.
A one-hour version of last weekend's live broadcast from Montana is available at

It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

Alexander Cockburn is, I believe, Laura's uncle. He is also a writer well known for his work over the years. These days he writes a column for The Nation and, with Jeffery St. Claire, he runs CounterPunch. Christian Parenti? You all know Rebecca has a crush on him, right? Listen and you may see why. The un-embed returns to talk to Laura. Last time, he mentioned the imprisoned (by choice) Green Zone reporter Dexter Filkins. What will be discussed this time?
You never know with Laura, you just know you won't want to miss it.

In fact, Cockburn and St. Claire have an article that just went up, that's very appropriate for today, entitled "Where's the Resistance Here on the Home Front?" so read that. I can't pull a quote from it because I'll screw it up. You have to read it in order. I'll give you the last thing from it, a footnote, because I'm glad to see people are noting that Amy Goodman stood war pornographer Michael Gordon down yesterday on Democracy Now! (as did Juan Gonzalez):

Footnote: It looks as if the fire escape chosen by Bush to save him from those low thirties numbers is the old neocon refrain of the Iranian menace. This clashes with the official line of the pundit legions, which is that the neocons have been sent out to pasture and replaced in the corridors of power by "pragmatists". We even heard Michael Gordon of the New York Times and his co-author Bernard Trainor, while flacking their new history of the Iraq war on Amy Goodman, claim that the neocons were "on the outside" during the planning and execution of the Iraq war. That was before Goodman spoiled Gordon's day by bringing up all those WMD fantasy pieces he wrote with Judy Miller. Anyone who needs reminding on just how the neocons did it last time, the better to prepare for the next war, would do worse than keep by their hand the IHS Press compilation Neo-Conned Again, which kicks off with a contribution from your two CounterPunch editors.

Michael Gordon who lied with Judy now pushes his war pornography off on the American public. Be sure to read C.I.'s entry from this morning, "NYT: Can't own up to mistakes, be it the paper or Michael Gordon." And "war pornography" is what C.I.'s been calling Gordon's nonsense all week. I've adopted it as my own phrase. You should too. And if you're confused as to why, read the opening of "And the war drags on (Indymedia roundup)." Now go get active.