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Haitian Cultural Village; Amy Goodman, Pete Seeger & more salute Father Daniel Berrigan


For Immediate Release
Contact: Art Jadrix


Riverside Theater Features Music, Dance and the First New York Showing by the Visionary Haitian Artist Jadrix

On Saturday, June 10, The Riverside Theater's 8th Annual New York Family Arts Festival will feature a diverse showcase of Haitian culture featuring Bonga and the Voudou Drums of Haiti, dance, crafts, food, as well as the first New York showing of the paintings of a visionary Haitian artist known as Jadrix.

"Jadrix is already developing an internatonal profile," says personal representative and art dealer, Susan Lavin. “A film about him was made in Paris and will be released in December. Art collectors hold parties to showcase the powerful look of his paintings,

"Thanks to the organizers of this vibrant day long event, Jadrix’s work will be shown publicly in New York for the first time in a prominent venue. This is a great achievement for an artist who has fought against grinding poverty to pursue his vision and create highly emotional work."

The showing of Jadrix's work is in conjuction with a day long event at Riverside Theater (in the historic Riverside Church) 91 Claremont Avenue (120th Street). It begins at noon with Haitian Roots Music and will include an instrument making workshop, a drum and percussion workshop, a dance workshop and concert featuring Bonga and the Vodou Drums of Haiti starting at 6 PM (RSVP For workshops at 212 870 6784)

For more about the art of Jadrix, contact Susan Lavin at 646.853.3553 or

The Family Arts Festival is sponsored by JPMorganChase, The New York Times and The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


TOMORROW! (Saturday):
* Amy Goodman in New York, NY:

Sat, June 10 *
Birthday Celebration for Father Dan Berrigan, Amy Goodman Hosting
With Amy Goodman, Pete Seeger, Howard Zinn, Liz McAlister, Ramsey Clark and
other very special guests, for an evening of poetry, song and community,
celebrating the 85th birthday of Fr. Daniel Berrigan. The radical priest,
poet and anti-war activist helped ignite a generation of dissent against the
war in Vietnam, and with unmatched persistence, has remained an advocate of
active non-violence.

June 10th, at 7pm
St. Ignatius Church,
980 Park Ave. @ 83rd St.
$25 to $50 suggested donation, no one turned away.
For futher information call 212-726-0664.

If you're unfamiliar with Berrigan, Thursday Amy Goodman interviewed him for Democracy Now! and you can listen, watch or read (transcripts) via the link below:

Holy Outlaw: Lifelong Peace Activist Father Daniel Berrigan Turns 85
We speak with Father Daniel Berrigan, one of the country's leading peace activists of the past half-century. Hundreds of people are gathering in New York this weekend to celebrate his 85th birthday. We discuss his life as a Jesuit priest, poet, pacifist, educator, social activist, playwright and lifelong resister to what he calls "American military imperialism."

Other upcoming events:

* Amy Goodman in New York, NY:
Tues, June 13 *
The New Class War in America. With Paul Krugman, Greg Palast, Randi Rhodes
and Amy Goodman
New York Society for Ethical Culture,
2 West 64th St. at Central Park West,
New York City (subways 1, A, B, C, or D to Columbus Circle)
Admission: $10 Donation
For more information: To purchase tickets in advance please visit

* Amy Goodman in New York, NY:
Thur, June 22 *
A Reading from Voices of a People's History of the United States
New York Society for Ethical Culture,
2 West 64th St. at Central Park West,
New York City (subways 1, A, B, C, or D to Columbus Circle)

* Amy Goodman in New York, NY:
Fri, June 23 *
TIME: 7:30 PM
Amy Goodman Speaks With Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who was
kidnapped in Iraq in February of 2005
Columbia University, Lerner Hall
For more information:

Marshall e-mailed about Robert Jay Lifton. Rod had passed on that an interview with Lifton was the scheduled topic for Friday's Democracy Now! If you listened, watched or read Friday's show, you ended up with something else. It's a news program and scheduled topics will change.
The show goes out live each morning (you can watch it or listen to it live online at 8:00 am EST each Monday through Friday). (Except on holidays.) There are additions and deletions made while that broadcast is happening. And, during pledge month, when Goodman's broadcast day doesn't end with the program's sign off, they will sometimes do additions to the program. For example, the Lay and Skilling verdict broke in May, a pledge month, and something was dropped from the DN! that had been broadcast that morning for the second broadcast on KPFA as Goodman did a live hookup with Houston to provide coverage of that verdict.

It's a news program and scheduled topics are always subject to change. When Ava and I reviewed Dateline, we noted that, as announced on that show, the coming Friday would be a look back at OJ Simpson. By mid-week, a news story (an actual one) had broken and the scheduled topic changed. (Please don't read that comparsion to be a suggestion that the two programs are equivalent. Wonderful people at Dateline, but as Ava & I note, it's the kiddie table.) That's what happens. Marshall's a self-described "big fan" of Robert Jay Lifton and I'm sure he's been rescheduled and not forgotten. And I'm sure it will be a wonderful interview when it airs. But, considering the tone and tenor of Thursday and Friday elsewhere, I'm glad that ended being rescheduled because there were issues that needed to be addressed and Democracy Now! addressed them.

Marshall had another question which was about my forgetting to include Margaret Kimberley's "Baby Killers at Haditha" (Freedom Rider, The Black Commentator) in Thursday night's entry.
As I noted in my column in the gina & krista round-robin, I didn't forget. Blogger/Blogspot was acting up the last few days. There were two more things I had hoped to include in that entry and both got pulled. In the middle of doing the commentary section, I got the "unable to connect to Blogger" message. I hadn't saved the entry. As soon as that message disappeared (which would mean I was connected again), that entry was going up. I'd wanted to write something about Kimberley's column and the second highlight. When the message went away, I immediately deleted both from the post (I add the highlights first and then write around them) and posted because Blogger/Blogspot was in and out all day Wednesday and Thursday for me. (For others that was true of Tuesday and/or Monday as well.) Thursday's DN! entry went up later than it should have. The e-mailed post would not hit the site. When that happened repeatedly, I ended up attempting to log in and repeatedly and could not get into the program. When I finally did, I copy and pasted with no bolds, no italics, and immediately posted to get it onto the site. It was a window of opportunity that would probably close. Which it did before it could be indexed. Repeated attempts by Jess finally allowed him to log in enough to put things in bold and italics. On those later windows of opportunities, the e-mailed posts began hitting the site (which is how we ended up with four of that entry at one point). In that post, I'd wrongly credited a Sandra Lupien news item to Amy Goodman. Angie who listens in Houston pointed out that Goodman did not say that on the KPFK broadcast (thank you Angie) and I realized I'd wrongly confused them. Getting in to do that correction was a nightmare. Correcting it at the mirror site wasn't a problem. But with Blogger/Blogspot, I'd log in (if I was lucky) and sometimes be able to go to the page where you pull up posts for editing. At which point, I'd be knocked out and get the message that Blogger/Blogspot was "down."

So on "And the war drags on . . . (Indymedia Roundup)" as well as both morning entries Friday, when that message went away, all three posts went up, whether they were in 'final' form or not.
We will highlight Kimberly's column again (plan is tomorrow but it may be Sunday) but with the problems going on, it wasn't happening Thursday and had nothing to do with the quality of her column. Marshall was afraid some e-mails had come in complaining about it -- they had from visitors -- and it had been dropped for that reason. Those e-mails come in all the time. The worst are the ones who can't grasp that a link and an intro means the excerpt is written by Kimberley so they feel the need to take me to task -- "How dare you write . . ." -- because there's clearly something about Kimberley's strong writing that greatly bothers some elements on the right. We note her every week and that's because she's worth noting.

Anne wondered if Robert Parry was being overlooked? Not noted, yes. Not because I'd forgotten or Zach had stopped highlighting. That had nothing to do with Parry's writing but with the Blogger/Blogspot problems, there wasn't time. His site uses a font that requires editing here before it can go up or else instead of *'* and *"* we'll see squares in the place of parenthesis, etc. There wasn't time, with the Blogger/Blogspot issues, to do those kind of corrections to his font. I explained to Zach ahead of time (because he highlights Parry regularly in his e-mails) that it would either be on hold or he (Zach) could correct it when he copy and pasted in his e-mails. He tried correcting it once and gave up because it does require catching them all.

For future reference, if the problem happens again, we'll just put him and people can live with square symbols showing up. Parry and others at Consortium News also lose out on mornings when I'm rushing (for the same reason -- the time it takes to catch those changes, and make sure they were caught).

Cameron wondered who highlight Danny Schechter this morning? I did. When I say "I will highlight . . ." that means I'm doing so. If I say "we" that means a member's noted it and didn't want their name up or that multiple members have noted it (or that members and visitors have noted it). If I say "I will highlight," it means it me doing it. I think that's the first time I've done that this year. I don't do it often because we have more highlights than we ever note. Members usually are the ones highlighting. I included Danny today because members were complaining (rightly) about the nonsense that they were seeing online. They were bothered by it, I was as well. Then I went from bothered to depressed as I worked through the e-mails and saw it over and over. Surely someone we highlight wasn't throwing common sense out the window, wasn't dropping news to rush forward with the Bully Boy script? I thought of Danny, went to the site and he was still News Dissector, still approaching it as a journalist. So I made the decision to include him. (And I'm sure Martha or Eddie, to name two who check his site, but later in the day, would have caught it as the day went on.)

What Cameron didn't ask and what I will note here is that the first two highlights of the first entry this morning were from James. Again, there were still problems with Blogger/Blogspot this morning and when the message disappeared (about not being able to connect to Blogger/Blogspot) the entries went up then. Finished or not. I didn't realize I hadn't credited James when that was published. Shirley noticed that. We figured out the wrap around sentence and she went and added it. (She also corrected my typos -- no surprise to long term members. Or corrected the ones she noted.) Apologies to James for my error. Thanks to Shirley for correcting it and thanks to her, Martha, Jess and Ava for helping with the e-mails this week. Because of Gareth's 'outreach program' -- noted in the gina & krista round-robin two Fridays ago and he's writing about it for Sunday's Polly's Brew this weekend -- we've added more European members and, in addition to that, we've also had a huge increase in the number of e-mails from visitors.

I don't reply to all e-mails and members know that already. I can't. I don't have the time. With everyone helping, every e-mail doesn't get a reply nor does every e-mail that might require a reply get one. A visitor who didn't get a reply wrote to say he didn't want to be a member but "put me down" for the gina & krista round-robin. That's a member's thing. That's closed. It's not open. Same with Polly's Brew, the UK Computer Gurus bi-weekly newsletter and same with Kayla's upcoming newsletter. But, more importantly, I don't "put" anyone "down" for that.

I do a column for the round-robin and for Polly's Brew. Kayla asked if it was possible to do one for her's as well and it is. If there's a roundtable, I will always make time if I'm asked. That's about it unless something else is asked. Those are done by the people doing them. When Gina and Krista started theirs up, they noted they would close off at a certain point. I did make a special plea for Cedric's friends (Three Cool Old Guys) and it wasn't a problem to include them. (The community was familiar with them due to Cedric.) They had missed the cut off date (because they didn't have computer access). But even then, that was a "plea" -- a request. I don't make the decisions, the people doing those newsletters do.

Krista (noted with her permission) highlighted an issue (which I still think was an issue) before the round-robin began. That issue was later pooh-pahed by a voice we often highlight here. I still think it's an issue. But Krista felt badly (she still does and thinks she wasted members time
with her highlights on that -- I still disagree and think it was an issue and am glad we noted it).
After that, she really didn't want to share for the longest. When the UK Computer Gurus started their newsletter, she and Gina began thinking that they could do something similar. That's how it started. That's why it is the way it is. As Gina has always said, this site is a private conversation in a public place. Anyone can listen in. The round-robin is a private conversation in a private place. It's closed. They decide who receives the round-robin. With the exception of Three Cool Old Guys, I've never asked them to consider adding anyone.

Members write things (and draw things and share photos) each week there. (The same with Polly's Brew but Polly created that for the European community members.) That is private. It's not open to visitors or drive-bys and never will be. Though this site will probably end in November of 2008 (I say "probably" because no one believes and because some members say they'll convince me otherwise by the time Nov. 2008 rolls around), Gina and Krista have already noted the round-robin will continue. That is their thing. I have no control over it. I'm not editor or publisher, they are responsible for it.

One of the reasons Beth's column (Beth's our ombudsperson) moved over there was for that reason. When the password for this site changes, Beth gets it within twenty-four hours. She can always post here if she wants. She prefers to address members issue and says she'll do a column here once a year and probably no more than that. When she does it here, she addresses the concerns from visitors e-mails I've passed on. But her focus is what members are asking about or commenting on. If she needs a comment from me, I give her that over the phone, otherwise, I'm learning what the column is about as I read it on Friday morning the same as any member.

There are a few members who didn't sign up for it at the time and there are members who joined too late to sign up. Each year, Gina and Krista will consider adding people to the list. That's their decision. I have no say in the decision. With members who don't get it, when there's a poll (such as whether to drop the Iraq snapshot or the highlights -- membership voted 88% to keep the Iraq snapshot), they are advised of that so they can weigh in.

The e-mail address for this site is (No tags, I'm tired.)

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