Saturday, June 10, 2006

Katha Pollitt on RadioNation with Laura Flanders Sunday

Katha Pollitt on the radio tomorrow.

RadioNation with Laura Flanders Sunday:

On Sunday: The America is Purple tour turns to Oregon with:ERIK STEN, Portland City Commissioner. MARCY WESTERLING of the Rural Organizing Project. JOANN BOWMAN of The Money in Politics Research Action Project. JEFFERSON SMITH of The Bus Project.
And KATHA POLLITT, the Nation columnist on her new book, "Virginity or Death!"

Today's episode should have been noted. Don't be mad at Kat. The failure was my fault.This morning I was waiting for others who were posting on Saturday to post so that they could be highlighted in the entry. Kat phoned to say she was busy today and could take another swipe at her review ("Kat's Korner: Kites are something") or she could do the rundown of Flanders. We try to keep Flanders the last thing displayed on Saturday (until the program's finished) and since I already had Ruth's entry in holding position, I told her if she wanted to go up early, she could do her review of Free Design and I'd grab Flanders.

I was tired and running late and completely (after the Times) forgot about Flanders. I realized that in the car and thought, "I'll grab it when I get back." I only got back as the show was ending (the last few minutes). So my fault.

On the plus side, anyone who only listens if they know the line up missed (as did I) Ehren Watada. How is that a plus? Dawn noted that the problem with listening to the archived broadcast is fixed and has been fixed. So if you missed Saturday's show, you can hear a condensed version of it and Sunday's (probably by mid-day Monday if not sooner) at The Nation. (No sign up/registration required, no fee.) Remind me and we'll note it on Tuesday.

If you missed today's show, you also missed:

NIKKI MILLER from the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, and Navy vet turned anti-war protester WALLY CUDDEFORD, arrested this week in anti-war protests.

Among other things (that's the section I heard part of).

So my bad, my error, my apologies. We'll note Katha being on tomorrow morning as well.

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