Saturday, July 29, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Sat: John Nichols, Joan Vennochi; Sunday: Medea Benjamin, Mel Goodman, Micheal Weinstein

Kat here and just where the heck is Laura Flanders? On vacation? What? I'm joking. Laura is on vacation this weekend. But since this is my first post since I left on my own vacation and since I've read some of the e-mails asking where I was and what I thought I was doing taking a vacation, I thought I'd open that way.

Medea Benjamin is supposed to be on Sunday's RadioNation with Laura Flanders. I mention that first off because she's a voice the community follows.

Now let's drop back to today, John Nichols (of The Nation) will be on and the Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi as well. I don't know a thing about Vennochi other than Mike's friend Tony loved a column she wrote on Hillary (which I did read and enjoy) and joked Mike was ignoring a "hometown" writer. So we'll get to hear why Tony enjoys her writing by listening on Saturday. (Others in the area probably already know.)

They'll also be addressing the topic of the Connecticut race (Lieberman and Lamont). And the guest host is Arnie Arnesen for Saturday and Sunday.

Along with Medea on Sunday, guests will include Michael Weinsteian who is "an Air Force Academy graduate on his campaign to stop Christian proselytizing at the Academy" along with Mel Goodman whose work you may know (I do) from CounterPunch (he's also " former CIA and State Department analysist")

What does Laura usually say? "All that and more on RadioNation with Laura Flanders" which airs from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST online, on Air America Radio stations and on XM satellite radio.

Let me do some shout outs. First off, thank you to Betty for having me as a house guest yesterday, today and tomorrow, it's been a lot of fun. (Her kids are wonderful. They may be on best behavior as she insists, but they have been wonderful.) Thank you to C.I., Mike and Cedric for guest posting for me at Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills) and thanks to Wally for doing a joint post with Mike. Honestly though, you've spoiled people who come to my site. I never post that often! Seriously, thank you. I didn't ask, I know everyone's busy. They volunteered (or maybe got Wally drafted by Mike) and it was and is appreciated. Shout outs to Elaine (and Rebecca and C.I.) for "From the Mixed-up Mind of Eric Alterman" -- an inspiring read -- well done. Shout outs to Rebecca & Fly Boy on their marriage (remarriage). I am sorry I missed the spur of the moment ceremony. The photos (in the round-robin and the ones Betty took) say it was something special. (In many ways -- and I want to know who the planner was -- if that can be pulled off at the last minute, my hall closet that I've avoided for six months can be organized!) Thanks to Ty, Maggie and Sumner for agreeing to water my plants while I was in Ireland. (You did do that, right? You didn't forget? Maggie, if you did forget and read this, check before rushing over to water my plants. You'll over water them if Ty and Sumner remembered.) Thank you to Gina & Krista for running my reports in their round-robin on the peace victory in Ireland.

I'm relaxing still so I doubt I'll post at my site but, when I read C.I.'s entry, I figured I could come in and do a heads up for Laura's show. I will be participating tonight in the latest edition of The Third Estate Sunday Review.