Sunday, September 10, 2006

NYT: al-Maliki goes to Iran (Edward Wong)

In this morning's New York Times, Edward Wong's "Iraqi Premier Will Visit Iran to 'Enghance' Ties" tells readers that puppet of the occupation, Nouri al-Maliki, will be visiting Iran on Monday and Tuesday, that this will be his first visit and he hopes to 'enhance ties.' This follows what's being described as the capture of six Iraqis or possibly seven on Friday by Iran. Wong notes some of the deaths and he identifies the employee of Al Sabah as "a secretary." He may be right. Reuters didn't identify him as such and noted that the drive-by that killed Abdul-Kareem al-Rubaie also "wounded his driver." Other than three killed in Kirkuk in a bakery, I'm not seeing anything we didn't note already this morning at The Third Estate Sunday Review.

Already today, Reuters reports 15 dead from bombings and shootings in Iraq.

James Glanz has an article without a dateline. The article itself isn't a problem, the fact that is may confuse is. We're not linking to it. The fact that it has no dateline may result from it being held from Saturday's paper due to other coverage (the confusion issue). It's not a bad article but I'm not summarizing it or pull quoting. (Due to the confusion issue.)

We will note Martha's highlight, Qais al-Bashir's "Iraq Bomb Kills 5; Parliament Talks Halt" (AP via Washington Post):

A bomb in a busy commercial area of central Baghdad killed five people Sunday, as wrangling forced Iraq's parliament to suspend a debate on a bill that Sunni Arab groups fear will break up the country.
The roadside bomb detonated near a mobile phone shop near Tahrir Square, a popular commercial area with shops specializing in electronic goods. At least five people were killed and 17 were wounded, police Lt. Ali Metaab said.

The now vacationing Gina asked that we note "Kathy Castor Wins Democratic Primary in Florida District" (Feminist Wire Daily) and that she was supporting Castor:

Kathy Castor, a county commissioner and daughter of noted politician Betty Castor, won the Democratic nomination in Florida for the open 11th Congressional District seat. The Tuesday election pitted Castor against four male opponents; Castor won by a margin of 20 percentage points, garnering more votes than all of the other candidates combined. "I am completely humbled that the voters have put their confidence in me," said Castor of the primary election results during a campaign event, according to the Tampa Tribune. "I will not let them down."
Endorsed by the Feminist Majority PAC, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC, and EMILY's List, Castor earned the support of her pro-choice constituents for her strong stance on women's reproductive rights.

Reminder, while Gina is on vacation, a number of us are pitching in to help Krista with the gina & krista round-robin to get it out Thursday at midnight so Gina doesn't have to do anything when she returns from her vacation on Friday morning. So if there's anything you want to run in it, please e-mail Krista as soon as possible.

Also, Wednesday, I gave out the wrong time for an event. Sunday at three p.m. not seven, as I wrongly stated Wednesday (we'll note the event during the week in a snapshot -- with the correct time for Sunday):

Please join us for a special workshop presentation of The People
by Rob Urbinati, with
Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, as part
of the Impact Festival at The Culture Project

September 15,
7 pm

September 16,
7 pm

September 17,
3 pm
A stage adaptation of
Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove's acclaimed Voices of a People's History of the United States (Seven Stories Press), The People Speak is a new play about the United States today,
as seen through the prism of history.
The People Speak brings to life incendiary and inspirational stories
of dissent from U.S. history, past and present.
Directed by Will Pomerantz and Rob Urbinati.
With Sarah Chalmers*, Frank Deal*, Edwin Lee Gibson*, Ami Shukla*,
Caroline Smith, and Thom Rivera*.
Lighting by Garin Marschall, Sound by Jacob Subotnik, and Projections
by Jessie Kindig.
Stage manager: Maeve Sweeney.
(*member of AEA.)
Tickets are only $10 and are on sale online now at:
and also are available now in person at The Culture Project's boxoffice.
The Box Office does not take ticket orders over the phone,only in person.
If you have a question about ticketing, please call
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Sunday 12pm-4pm
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