Friday, September 15, 2006

NYT: Paragraph nine tells you that five US troops died -- they bury it

Five American soldiers also died in fighting on the outskirts of Baghdad and in northern Iraq, the military said.

The above is paragraph ten from the soon to be latest Court-TV hire Paul von Zielbauer's "Judge Tells Hussein, 'You Are Not a Dictator'" in this morning's New York Times. Five American troops dead in one day and von Zielbauer and the Times believes that's not a headline and it's not even something you mention in the opening paragraph? You just jaw bone on for nine other paragraphs and then, in a sort of, "You feel like Thai or Chinese today?" manner toss it out. You follow it with eighth paragraphs that don't say a word about it. You're too busy too. You can't be bothered. In the middle of your crappy little story, you offer one sentence that five American soldiers died and you move the hell on.

Polly notes this from the BBC:

Also on Friday, US military officials said insurgents have killed seven US servicemen and wounded dozens more in the past 48 hours across Iraq.

Oh, yeah, the wonded dozens more. That's not in von Zielbauer's report either. We noted the attack in the snapshot, last night in "And the war drags on," we noted that the attack had left two dead and twenty-five wounded. Twenty-five US troops wounded. And the Times can't be bothered with discussing it? Why is that?

When the Times chooses to ignore an attack that wounded twenty-five US troops and reduces the dead to a single sentence in the middle of more jaw boning, the paper has more problems than be can be minimized with a "St. Billy Of The Fan Rags" piece in New York -- no matter how laughable the piece is.

And before some little whiner from the New York Times writes in to say, "Blah, blah, blah, Washington Post, wah, wah, wah, Chicago Tribune . . ." Why are you people always pinning your problems off on other papers? Is there no growing up in the Green Zone -- is it just one endless summer? Can't the grizzled Walter Brennan stand-in (John F. Burns) provide any of the 'young whippernsappers' with any life lessons?

"Violence has intensified over the past two days," writes Rebecca Santana (AP) but you wouldn't know it by reading the Times. From Santana:

Police found 30 bodies bearing signs of torture Friday, the latest in a wave of sectarian killings sweeping the Iraqi capital despite a monthlong security operation.
A U.S. Marine was killed Friday in Anbar province, and an American soldier was killed Thursday evening by a roadside bomb northwest of Baghdad, the military said. The soldier was the fifth to have died on Thursday, making it a particularly bloody day for U.S. forces.

In central Baghdad, a gunman opened fire from the top of an abandoned building in a Sunni Arab neighborhood, killing an Iraqi civilian and wounding five others, said police Lt. Ahmed Mohammed Ali.

Particularly bloody day for U.S. forces? Not to the New York Times.

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