Thursday, November 02, 2006

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The United Nations agreement, which expires on Dec. 31, is not the only source of legal justification for continued presence of American troops here. Another is the Iraqi Constitution. Even if the agreement expired, the status of the American military here would not change.
[. . .]
Iraqi leaders say they cannot accept a continuation of the United Nations agreement, which gives the United States and 27 other countries "the authority to take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq" without attaching some conditions to the original agreement. They say they want more control over their military to protect vulnerable areas from insurgent attacks.

The above is from Sabrina Tavernise's "Iraqi Shiites Continue to Exert Independence and Seek Changes to U.N. Deal on U.S. Troops" in this morning's New York Times. We've eliminated her no-single-group-really-wants-the-US-out because it's not reporting. Tavernise hasn't spoken to ever group in parliament.

Polls have demonstrated that the Iraqi people favor the withdrawal of foreign forces from their country. But Tavernise is reporting on the puppet government.

Lynda notes this story by the AP confirming missing U.S. soldier Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie married an Iraqi women while serving in Iraq. She also wants noted that "the raw sewage is a guest on Democracy Someday! today." Yes, I heard him and I turned it off. You can count on one hand the number of times I've done that before but I'm not interested in those who run to CJR to trash Pacifica being offered a platform on Pacifica. But, as the human trash has proven over and over with regards to The Christic Institute, he can't help but gnaw the hand that feeds him. (To look at him, he must gnaw quite frequently.)

So that's your heads up. Lynda: "And noting that Mexican journalists have died as well and then returning to 'our brave American correspondent' is really insulting. Are they not able to cover Oaxaca except as the place that an American died this weekend?"

Oh, Lynda, don't you know? It's the fish out of water. They need that American to tell the story, like City of Hope or any other crap film that travelogues through a region presenting it through American eyes. Like those films, apparently, other countries just aren't of interest unless they have a White American angle to sell them.

So they bring on Human Trash of the Frightful Four to say blah-blah-blah about ballots and listeners are forgiven for not believing a word he says due to his behavior in the 80s. Trash needs to be taken to the curb, not put in front of a microphone.

On the subject of Democracy Someday! (Lynda's term), Zach notes he has no need for "an evening broadcast of that show. I don't need it twice a day now. I think it's shocking that this is a 'platform' for a candidate supposedly wanting to represent KPFA listeners. KPFA doesn't need to air any program they do not produce twice a day. Billie's been very vocal about the NPR in her area and how it can't seem to originate much more than newsbreaks. KPFA needs to do their own programming. This move might have been supported a few years back but things have changed. That includes the fact that Democracy Now! is among those who go whole weeks without covering Iraq and it also includes the fact that the program's everywhere now. That wasn't the case a few years back when many of us supported the twice a day airings. The show should now be aired only once a day and the other hour given over to programming originating from KPFA. I don't see how you can talk about the importance of local programming in one breath and then in the next say that we need Democracy Now! in the evening and the morning. Last point, are you going to talk about the new book?"

Dona's already asked that I talk about the Goodmans' new book for The Third Estate Sunday Review. Readers of TTESR don't want to wait until after the election for book coverage so we'll be discussing an art book and I'll address the Goodmans' book -- the good, the bad, the typos. On the latter check out page 53 (if I'm remembering correctly). (I was asked because no one else has read it.)

Back to Iraq. Martha notes John Ward Anderson's "Baghdad Attacks Target Busy Areas" (Washington Post) detailing some of the realities on the ground in Iraq yesterday:

At least 17 people were killed in car bombings, mortar attacks and roadside explosions in Baghdad on Wednesday, as the sounds of gunfights and explosions reverberated through the capital for much of the day.
In Sadr City, a Shiite Muslim slum in eastern Baghdad, life returned to normal a day after U.S. and Iraqi checkpoints were removed to allow the free flow of traffic and a strike was lifted to permit residents to reopen shops and return to jobs and classrooms.

Martha is among those needing thanks. She, Shirley, Keesha, Kayla, Eli, Gina, Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess and Ava really hit the e-mails yesterday to help figure out the sentiment of the community re: Kerry. Thanks also to everyone who took the time to weigh in. The snapshot should be up much earlier today.

And, picking up on Zach's point, Billie's NPR is in the DFW area and I'm not sure of the call letters (DFW is the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas). Billie and other members of that area have been very vocal about how local programming is basically absent; however, they do get Not-So-Fresh-Air twice daily and two servings of Morning Edition. I hadn't thought of the point until Zach raised it. It is a valid point and there's really no reason for KPFA to ever give over evening time to regular programming that doesn't originate with them. Special programming is one thing but the idea of programming coming from above to local stations was already rejected. That doesn't need to be forgotten just because "It's Amy!" It doesn't matter who it is. One airing of that show a day is more than enough and, honestly, is true of any show.

Anyone claiming that they want more local coverage and also pushing for prime air time (evening hours) to be handed over to a syndicate program needs to figure out which it is.

Zach's the only member who weighed in and said it could be shared. If others wanted their thoughts noted, they need to say so. I will note a visitor attempted to be helpful by telling me how I could get another KPFA ballot. Thank you, but I don't need one. I haven't lost my envelope needed to return the ballot because I haven't opened it yet. But the reality is that if you're going to send out ballots and the only envelope that can be used is the one contained in the mailing, you need to note that immediately and repeatedly on air. I'm so far behind in my mail that it won't effect me.

Staying with this topic for a minute more, Megan wanted a special noted and the plan was to do so tomorrow. We'll note it now for a reason. Friday, KPFA presents History Of Funk Special: The anti-Vietnam War Music Session at ten p.m. PST (midnight Central, one a.m. EST) and there should be more specials like that. But if the evening's going to be turned over to syndicated programming, something's got to give. Zach's point is a valid one and I wish I'd thought of it earlier.

That's it. I'm still going through the e-mails. Thanks to everyone for noting "Yes" or "No" in their e-mails yesterday because I'm still reading the actual contents.

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