Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kirkpatrick: RIH

Two deaths make the front page of today's New York Times: Donald Rumsfeld's political one and Jeane Kirkpatrick's more permanent one. On the latter, Tim Weiner's laughable piece does contain one bit of news -- Kirkpatrick had a heart -- who knew?

So the ogre is dead and the Times fawns over her and her misadventures. Not only did she applaud and endorse the death squads of Latin America but she had a "secret mission" to sell the illegal Iraq war and "head off a diplomatic uprising" in the UN "against the immenent war against Iraq." She was always a dumb idiot and now she's a dead one.

If that's too harsh for some, read the Times article (we don't link to trash so hunt it down yourself) and wonder exactly how Adolf Hitler's death would have been noted in papers had Germany won WWII?

Iran-Contra, where she was there advocating for it. Death squads, she stood and was counted.

She wasn't just stupid, she was evil.

Most of the time when people die, really sick and disgusting people, we don't comment here. This site wasn't around when Ronald Reagan died. But Baby Cries A Lot was and didn't he fawn over Reagan? Didn't he get his panties in a wad when Greg Palast attempted to inject some reality into the proceedings by noting the very real deaths caused by Ray-gun?

Baby Cries A Lot hustled Palast off the air quickly. Nothing could interfere with Baby Cries A Lot's sob-fest for Reagan. (The two had much common in politically.) Not a surprise because Baby Cries A Lot is a Hawk and always has been one. Listening to Baby Cries A Lot enable the myth of Reagan (from "the left") was disgusting. So is the Times' refusal to note the realities of Kirkpatrick's actions. Millions are dead but they want to talk policies. Her victims can't talk and they weren't recognized with front page obits.

I guess we should note the sexism that kept her a second-tier Kissinger as opposed to a full blown one. These days, Condi has a seat at the table. The Bully Boy Ceiling has broken but forgive us if we don't rejoice.

It's all policies and shop talk in the Times "in depth" obit today. You can't divorce policies from realities nor consequences from actions -- though the Times tries really hard.

I went back and forth this morning on whether or not to note this. With most deaths, I'll just look the other way. But since the idiot (and remember, we're "work safe," so feel free to substitue your own favorite curse word for "idiot"), as Weiner discloses, shut down one of the few avenues that might have stopped the current illegal war and since Iraq is the focus here (at the request of community members), something needed to be said.

And at a time when far too many are giddy over this first or that potential first, it's important to remember and note that gender is not the root of feminism. Equality is the root. Kirkpatrick was never interested in equality. She was interested in death and destruction.

Last year at this time, the hoopla was still on for some about Commander-in-Chief. "She" is making the decisions somehow allowed many to avoid addressing what the decisions were -- all that mattered was the pronoun. The show was thankfully cancelled and it would be nice if that could be read as the American people's rejection of bullies and sell out (unilateral actions and selling out your own beliefs were at the heart of that program). The reality was that Geena Davis' 'pluck' has never sold (Thelma & Louise contains a performance that was ripped out of her, not one she created) and The Accidental Oscar winner starring in a mish-mash of political drama meets body wash operatta killed the show, not the odious principles it espoused.

So we'll note Kirkpatrick's death and note that the only great loss was that it didn't happen decades prior before she could advocate the death and destruction of so many people around the world.

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