Sunday, December 31, 2006

The US military fatality count since the start of the illegal war now stands at 2,999

The New York Times this morning has to finish their show trial reporting by making it non-stop (it's called flooding the zone -- put on your high waters) all about the show execution.

We didn't cover the show trial, we're not interested in the for show execution. If someone does want to read the coverage (I did to see if there was anything that would justify linking -- and there wasn't), Sabrina Tavernise does write to her strengths today. (Meaning she's putting a human face on the event.) If it were an article on any other Iraq topic, we'd note it but (again) we didn't cover the show trial, we're not covering the show death.

About a third of the way into his article on the show death, John F. Burns does note US military fatalities. The others who have filed regularly and skipped them or only noted a portion of them should study his article.

That's the Times.

Turning to real news of today.

December was the deadliest month and, no, it's not over. The US military fatality count for the month has now risen to 110. Today, the US military announced: "An improvised explosive device detonated near a Multi-National Division - Baghdad patrol, killing one Soldier in a southeastern neighborhood of the Iraqi capital Dec. 30." This death put the total number of US troops to die in Iraq since the start of Bully Boy's illegal war of choice at 2999 -- one away from the 3,000 milestone.

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