Monday, January 08, 2007

NYT: Preparing readers for more years of the illegal war

The new American operational commander in Iraq said Sunday that even with the additional American troops likely to be deployed in Baghdad under President Bush's new war strategy it might take another "two or three years" for American and Iraqi forces to gain the upper hand in the war.

The above is from John F. Burns' "War Could Last Years, Commander Says" in this morning's New York Times. Read the paragraph slowly (already knowing that there is no upper hand to be gained) and grasp what you're being told. The headline says "years" because someone in the government telling you "two or three years" (which would make the illegal war last six or seven) is a bit like an early estimate from a shady auto mechanic -- once you accept that, the original estimate is out the window and the numbers are just going to keep climbing.

2009 and 2010 is unacceptable but while you're being told 2009 and 2010, the reality is that the "might" acts as the escape clause for an illegal war that could go on five or more years.

Turning to "Plan Sets Series of Goals for Iraq Leaders ," the good news for Gordo is that the paper gave him a jerk-off buddy, Jeff Zeleny, no solo jerk yesterday for war porngographer Michael R. Gordon who was leaked to on Sunday (leaked on?) and tells readers today that Bully Boy's 'plan' (when announced) will include "benchmarks." After getting giddy with it for a few paragraphs, Gordo does state the obvious -- 'benchmarks' have been a part of previous plans. They didn't mean anything under Bully Boy before and they don't now. It's just a buzz word that's supposed to make Americans feel there's some accountability in the government and after six years of a Bully Boy administration, expect few to buy into that lie. Gordo pants heavy over Joe Biden's nonsense that there's nothing Congress can do to stop Bully Boy's war. Gordo, like Biden, would like to believe it. That's not true and anyone with even a mild working knowledge of US history knows better but Gordo's war-on's dripping and he's counting on readers being as light headed as he was at the moment ("the moment" can be defined as: all his life).

Leaving Gordo's smutty, damp dreams and returning to the real world, the US military announced today: "One Task Force Lightning Soldier based out of Fort Hood, Texas, died of wounds sustained during combat operations in Salah Ad Din province, Sunday." And they announced: " A Multi-National Division - Baghdad patrol was engaged by small arms fire, killing one Soldier north of the Iraqi capital Jan. 7. The unit was repairing a crater in a road caused by an improvised explosive device when they came under small arms fire, killing one Soldier." The deaths bring the full count of US troops who have died in the illegal war since Bully Boy lied a nation into it to 3014.

Meanwhile, among the violence reported in Iraq today was an attack on a bus that's reported to have left at least 15 dead and 15 more wounded. No word on whether 15 dead in one attack would meet one of Bully Boy's 'benchmarks.'

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