Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Lexington's Darrell Anderson, who received an other-than-honorable discharge as a deserter from the U.S. Army, is actively protesting the war in Iraq again.
So is his mother, though the two said after his discharge that they wanted to lead a quiet life.
Anderson, 24, now is with a group of other Iraq war veterans maintaining a vigil outside Fort Lewis, Wash., in support of an Army lieutenant facing charges there for refusing to go to Iraq.
Anderson's mother, Anita Anderson, says she is counseling soldiers seeking discharges or conscientious objector status and that she also will participate in a major protest march by anti-war groups in Washington on Saturday.

The above is from Jim Warren's "Ky. soldier who refused to go to Iraq joins group protest" (Lexington Herald-Leader). Consider that you're high before we sink to the low.

Yes, we're talking War Pornographer Gordo. Apparently realizing what a joke he is, this morning's "General Says New Strategy in Iraq Can Work Over Time" finds Michael Gordon getting creative in the New York Times, more so than usual, as he covers Petraeus audition before the Senate to be the new commander in Iraq. For instance, the quote is "hard not hopeless." (See yesterday's snapshot.) Gordo types: "'dire' but not hopeless." Maybe something else was hard at the time? Gordo's got a war to sell and a war on to stroke which is why anyone who followed yesterday's proceedings in the Senate will get a 'new' view by reading Gordo today as he emphasizes the utterly meaningless exchanges he went to sleep last night dreaming about.

Biggest howler? This:

By the end of the hearing, General Petraeus sought to extricate himself from the political tussle by insisting that as a military man he did not want to take a position on the Senate debate.

Only a War Pornographer would zoom in on and highlight meaningless exhcanges (Petraeus and LIEberman, Petraeus and the Bent Talking John McCain) and then appear to portray his Man Crush as above it all.

Back in the real world, the US military announced today: One Marine assigned to 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group and one Marine assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 died Tuesday from wounds sustained due to enemy action while operating in Al Anbar Province.

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