Sunday, March 11, 2007

NYT: An Iraqi father and two daughters were killed

Yesterday's entry, NYT: "U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Civilians in Sadr City" (Kirk Semple), noted Kirk Semple's "U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Civilians in Sadr City." The article ran on A6. Today, there's an update. It's entitled "On Holy Day Iraqi Soldiers Stop Bomber: 7 of Them Die." If you make it to the eighth paragraph, you can find the update.

Semple writes that the US military has admitted that, yes, they shot a civilian car and killed one man (the father) and two daughters. That's kind of big -- but, again, it gets told in paragraph eight (the story runs on A10). The US military claims the car refused to stop.

Why is it buried deep into the article, in an article that runs on A10?

Apparently it's not as 'cute' as the front page story, "To Have, Hold and Cherish, Until Bedtime."

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[C.I. note: Thanks to Micah for pointing out that the title of Semple's article was wrong. I was about to fall over and have no idea what word I thought I was typing. It's fixed now.