Monday, April 16, 2007

Laura Flanders Blue Grit Tour


Laura Flanders: "Blue Grit"
April 18th, 2007

7:30 pm
First Congregational Church of Berkeley

2345 Channing Way
Laura Flanders: "Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics From The Politicians"
In association with Cody's Books
"'Blue Grit' is pure political tonic, a stirring call to arms for progressives who feel they've been left out in the cold by their alleged allies... a galvanizing vision of political democracy as it was meant to thrive..." - Michael Eric Dyson
"Laura Flanders is a doer, and a great person to get focus from. Listen to her ..." - Chuck D, Public Enemy
"Laura Flanders 'Blue Grit' gives hope even to those of us who don't ordinarily go in for that sort of thing." - Fran Lebowitz
A searing attack on the Democrats from one of today's most engaging political voices, and an incisive strategy for victory over the Republican party.
Air America Radio host, Laura Flanders, the best-selling author of "Bushwomen," believes there are no such things as "red" and "blue" states. Even in the most surprising places, she's finding progressive change. From Vermont to Salt Lake City to Las Vegas's famous Strip, she journeys through the heartland USA and discovers a simple truth: people don't vote for the GOP because Republicans represent their interests; they vote Republican because Democrats barely field a team.
Adamant, opinionated, funny, and always engaging, Flanders chronicles what she's learned from scores of voters and activists-about how change is happening in Main St. USA, even if it rarely catches the attention of the so-called mainstream media. Mormons defending women's rights, casino owners teaming up with waitresses to raise the minimum wage; blue collar construction workers and lesbian mothers working together to make their workplaces safer and more secure for all. Flanders finds young, supposedly "alienated" Americans, who are driving scores of new voters to the polls.
Fiery polemic, assured narrative, and acute political commentary, Blue Grit will be crucial reading for everyone interested in the future of the Democrats, and this country. Based on Flanders' bottom-up style of journalism, it tells a story of good news: progressives are coming after the conservative establishment with new talent, new ideas, new media and new cash, and they have their sights set on building a new progressive movement, whether the Democratic Party is ready or not.
Tickets $5 available at Analog Books, Black Oak, Cody's, Diesel a Bookstore, Global Exchange, Moe's, Pegasus, Pendragon, Walden Pond. S.F. - Cody's, Modern Times
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Megan notes the above from KPFA. She also went to Laura Flanders site and was looking for dates on the book tour but couldn't find them (I don't see them either). A Google cache gives the following dates (starting with Seattle even tonight):

Seattle, WA
4/16/07 Elliott Bay Bookstore/ talk & signing, 7:30PM
Los Angeles, CA
4/17/07 UCLA Hammer Museum/ talk & signing, 7:00PM
San Francisco, CA
4/18/07 First Congregational Church Berkeley-Codys/ talk & signing, 7:30PM
4/19/07 Stacey's/ talk & signing, afternoon event, 12:30PM
4/19/07 Book Passage/ talk & signing, 7:00PM
Madison, WI
4/22/07 Barrymore Theater with Greg Palast. Details TK
Denver, CO
4/23/07 Tattered Cover/ talk & signing, 7:30PM
Boulder, CO
4/24/07 Boulder Bookstore/ talk & signing, 7:30PM

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You can sign up for e-mail alerts at the Laura Flanders site. Like Megan, I'm not finding the book tour at the site. (It may be there, but we're both missing it.) I'm guessing there are other dates by now. But we will note from the Google cache and Flanders book is recommended by all in "1 Book, 5 Minutes" (The Third Estate Sunday Review). Penguin Press doesn't have dates to the book tour posted (before anyone e-mails to suggest that). Flanders will be interviewed by Andrea Lewis this week on KPFA's The Morning Show. If it's a live interview, it will likely be Wednesday (programs airs from 7:00 am to 9:00 am PST -- Monday through Friday -- but not Tuesday due to the live coverage on the Gonzales hearing).

Along with being a guest this week on a radio program (probably more than one, and Megan notes Kris Welch interviewed Flanders on Thursday's Living Room -- airs Thursdays and Fridays on KPFA, noon PST -- that broadcast is archived if you missed it -- I did, on the road), Flanders is the host of RadioNation with Laura Flanders, Saturdays and Sundays, Air America Radio, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST.

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