Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NYT: More concerned with 5 missing contractors than 10 dead US soldiers

In this morning's New York Times, Damien Cave offers "Gunmen in Police Uniforms Kidnap 5 British Civilians" and there's nothing there. There's just really nothing there. I'm not even slamming Cave. Just noting that there is so little known and there's no lengthy story in this (short of making it a dual dateline story -- Baghdad & London). Ned Parker's "5 Britons abducted in Baghdad" (Los Angeles Times) is 12 short paragraphs and that's more than enough to cover this. (Parker also tells you that 31 corpses were discovered in Baghdad yesterday.) It's also rather disturbing to read Cave's article and realize that contractors (four are contractors, the fifth is a 'consultant') are getting more attention than the dead Americans serving there. Cave's also trying to cover the announcement of that ten US service members are dead. They get the second paragraph and then pop back up in the 19th paragraph. That's right, 19 paragraphs later.

10 US service members dead, not private contractors. And their story will be told around paragraph 19. That's really disgusting. Does the New York Times not get that? Ned Parker's "U.S. toll in Iraq climbs" (Los Angeles Times) doesn't try to equate those who are ordered into a region and those who show up of their own free will in order to make (what they think will be) some quick, easy cash. It's disgusting.

Cindy Sheehan's on Democracy Now! today.

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