Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Army Of None book release event Thursday in Oakland

armyof none

Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment, End War, and Build a Better World
By Aimee Allison and David Solnit
Book Release Celebration Event
THURS AUG 30, 6:30pm

Club Oasis
135 12th St., btwn. Madison and Oak Sts.,
Oakland 6 blocks E. of Broadway/12th St. BART,
btwn. Madison and Oak, Oakland

How Do We End the War?
Spoken Word Poets: Carolyn Norr, Simón Hanukai
Army of None Puppet Show!
Anti-War Photo Projections by Jeff Paterson
Free Snacks by Chef Tom Cohen!
Buy a book
dj music
Join Army vet Aimee Allison and global justice organizer-puppeteer David Solnit in celebrating their book release and launching a 40-city tour to support local counter recruitment and antiwar efforts.
Army of None; Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment, End War, and Build a Better World (Seven Stories Press) exposes the real story behind the military recruitment complex, and offers guides, tools, and resources for education and action, and people power strategies to win.

Get the book at the book release party, at the Courage to Resist website below (benefits their work), or request it through your local independent bookseller. Half off available for bulk orders for fundraising/grassroots distribution; lars@sevenstories.com).
What people are saying about Army of None:
"I don't know how you got just the right blend of personal testimony, media literacy, history, practical tips for campaigns, and bottom-up social power theory--and managed to make it all engaging and readable. Army of None is a work of magic."-Elijah Saxon,
Riseup.net Collective
"Army Of None is a direct challenge to the militarization of American youth. It's a toolkit, a practical how-to manual, for the emerging politics of non-cooperation and direct action. Army Of None is published at a pivotal moment in the peace movement."- Paul Rockwell, Counterpunch
"Army of None is a manual for opponents of the Iraq war who want to cut off its supply of cannonfodder."-Jeremy Brecher, ZNet and Truthout
..this book, in what ever order you read it in, is just a joy to read.- Third Estate Sunday Review
Sponsored by Courage to Resist, Not Your Soldier. Women of Color Resource Center, The Oakland Institute, & Veterans for Peace-Chapter 69
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As noted above, Army of None, published by Seven Stories Press, is available at Courage to Resist where a portion of the proceeds go to helping Courage to Resist continue the work they do. It's also available at bookstores and for those who have to have the rush off spending at the counter, if you're bookstore doesn't offer it, they can order it. You can also check your local libraries (if it's not on the shelves, a library loan program they belong to should allow them to request it).

That's Betty quoted above in a blurb from the discussion "2 Books, 20 minutes" at The Third Estate Sunday Review. (The other book discussed is Aidan Delgado's The Sutras Of Abu Ghraib: Notes From A Conscientious Objector In Iraq.) It's a wonderful book. Along with the authors, the event features Jeff Paterson who has documented war resistance more than any other photo-journalist I'm aware of. You've got puppets, you've got snacks, you've got a just cause and an incredible book at a free event, open to the public, this Thursday. If you're in the area, you should make a point to check it out.

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