Monday, August 27, 2007

He Couldn't Turn The World On With His Smile


The disaster known as The Alberto Gonzales Show has been cancelled. The White House is hoping to retool the show with Michael Chertoff in the leading role as AG -- Abuser in General.

America just couldn't buy a madcap AG determined to wipe his rear with the Constitution while spying on American citizens, 'legalizing' torture and badgering the ill. Below, Alberto charges into a hospital room on May 28, 2007:


He reflected that spying was always better when "my buddy" tagged along:

And what does the future hold for Alberto Gonzales? As he did on April, 2007, he spoke of possibly opening a used car dealership:


As he skipped away, he sang the chorus to his show's theme song: "Hate is all around, No need to find it, You can destroy a town, And you wouldn't mind it, You're going to shred the Constitution after all."

alberto gonzales from the land of denial