Saturday, September 22, 2007

Community note

The offensive link has been pulled. For the record, with no knowledge of Molly Ivins' writing, he attacked her and, when she died a few weeks later, wrote a post that pretended he hadn't just slammed her. It's no loss to delink from anyone who one week tells you how "sick" they are of Ivins and then, when the tributes to her starting coming out, decides he needs to hop on the bandwagon as well. If just one member had raised the issue of delinking then, it would've been pulled because I was enraged. Now he's taken to attacking CODEPINK which doesn't surprise me or even offend me. After he invented lies about Molly Ivins, there's nothing he could do that would shock or offend me.

Amanda e-mailed this morning and wrote that if something was being delinked, I might want to take a look at something else. Monkey Gossip has been delinked. One of the monkeys has written about . . . Naomi Klein's new book?

No, that would require reading it and reading is apparently too hard. So instead, he writes about a 2004 conversation he had with Klein and gets an 'expert' to rebut the conversation. That gets passed off as a rebuttal of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism. I'm reading Amanda's copy & paste of that piece of nonsense and thinking how these false equations (Klein to hack Thomas Friedman) go a long way towards explaining the mess the left is in thanks to real idiots who have no reluctance about flaunting their stupidity.

Amanda asked if I'd checked out the links at what I'm terming Monkey Gossip? No. I don't go to the site. (I don't go to many sites. I also don't decide the permalinks.) So I took a web trip and what did I see?

I saw male, male, male. I saw that a woman I respect raised a sexist pig for a son. I called my own children to see if they would grasp my outrage were they to do what Monkey Gossip did? I was told they would expect to be chewed out and that they always thought the brat was a weasel. "Weasel" describes him perfectly. Women do not exist. Possibly when your mother's famous and your attempt to carve out a name in a similar field crashes and burns so badly, you have a real problem with women?

But he has no problem with centrists and links to the do-nothing org of Mommy's Pantyhose. (They are 'tight' and I knew that already.) But Iraq Veterans Against the War, the War Resisters Support Campaign or Courage to Resist? Nope.

Parents, you've failed your children. If you're of the left and you've raised a sexist centrist, you have failed your children. And if you're a woman and wrote a groundbreaking book that was ridiculed by all but the true left in real time, you should be damn well offended that today, when Klein writes another breakthrough book, your child's org pushes the modern day attacks.

If the left is in disarray a large reason for that has to do with the inability of people to get their own homes in order.

We don't link to trash. Two sites are gone from our permalinks. My daughter's writing a piece on the weasel for Polly's Brew so check your inboxes on Sunday for that and thank you to Amanda for e-mailing about Monkey Gossip.

Also, the snapshot appeared three times because it was e-mailed repeatedly when it wouldn't show up. The two extras have been deleted.