Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iraq Moratorium starts Friday

Each of these individuals and groups -- a list too long to print here -- have something in common: each have signed up to support the Iraq Moratorium, which will make its debut as a national movement on Friday, September 21.
Wear and distribute black ribbons and armbands
Buy no gas on moratorium days
Pressure politicians and media
Hold vigils, pickets, rallies and teach-ins
Hold special religious services
Coordinate events in art, music and culture
Host film screenings, talks and educational events
Organize student actions: teach-ins, school closings
Iraq Moratorium is designed to take the issue to the people, and no event or action is to small to be of merit in opposing the Iraq war.

The above, noted by Sylvia, is from Christine Anne Piesyk's "National ‘Iraq Moratorium’ on Sept. 21" (Tennessee's Clarksville Online). Those actions and others will begin taking place this Friday.

Yesterday, the US military announced, "One Task Force Marne Soldier was killed and four were wounded by an improvised explosive device explosion during a dismounted patrol Sept. 14." The announcement brings to 3781 ICCC's total of US service members killed in the illegal war. The 3800 mark looms.

Sahar Issa (McClatchy Newspapers) reports 12 corpses discovered in Baghdad, 1 person dead from a Baghdad explosion "near al-Shaab Stadium" (two wounded), 2 dead from a BAghdad car bombing, 2 dead from two central Baghdad bombings (five wounded), 5 dead from a cafe bombing in Kirkuk (twenty-two wounded), a Baghdad shooting (by private contractors) that killed 9 Iraqi civilians and left fifteen more wounded, and Mulla Yaseen Sleiman was shot dead in Mosul.

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In one of the above pieces (one of the ones with KvH in the title), Ava comments on an e-mail. I've now seen it. Brooklyn, save your faux 'concern.' No one needs to hear it. Especially when you pretend to be a "big fan" of this site but repeatedly demonstrate you don't know the first thing about this site. Members determine content and focus. When they're not happy, they are vocal. Unlike yourself, I'm not a "Nation hater." (I don't believe you are either but you labeled youself as such for some apparent reason.) I have friends there. A "big fan" would have grasped (even though they've never written prior) that The Nation has actually decreased in mentions here. The only time the magazine is mentioned now is when members complain about something that's gone up or friends with the magazine and institute complain about something. The thing you're trying to get the dirt on came from inside the magazine.

As Gina always says, this is private conversation in a public sphere. If you don't like the comments, don't listen in.

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