Sunday, January 27, 2008

NYT continues their combat disorder coverage

On the front page of today's New York Times, Deborah Sontag and Lizette Alvarez continue their coverage of veterans returning with PTSD and the effects that has on them and the people around them. Today's article is called "Combat Trauma Takes the Witness Stand" and focuses on the murder trial of Jame Allgen Gregg who was sentenced to 21 years and is appealing ("If all efforts to free him fail, he is projected to be released on July 22, 2023, a few weeks shy of his 42nd birthday."). The murder? At a drinking spot (on a reservation) called the Pit Stop, Gregg was upset and spun his vehicles wheels spraying gravel on the car of James Fallis who joined with another man in beating Gregg up, Gregg later went to one of the man's home (James Fallis) and shot him to death. (After which, Gregg attempted to kill himself.)

From the article:

The prosecutor also referred to Mr. Gregg's mmilitary experience for his own purposes, asking whether military trainers tried to strengthen soldiers' minds as well as bodies.
"Not really," Mr. Gregg said. "They actually break down your mind."
"Break down your mind," Mr. Hanson said. "Explain that to the jury."
"They break down your mind, and then they try to build you back up," Mr. Gregg said.
"Into a killer?" the prosecution asked.
"Yes," Mr. Gregg said.

And that's it for Iraq in the paper.

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At Inside Iraq, a McClatchy Iraqi correspondent post "is that all???:"

Yes we changed the flag and all our problems were solved in a second. Now we shall not care about the electricity problem because our flag will lighten our dark night, it will warm our frozen souls, we will not even think about the thousands of the displaced families because the new flag will be their houses and it will feed their angry hungry stomachs. Now, we will be able to reconstruct our destroyed country because we will build skyscrapers, hospitals and schools made of the Iraqi flags. I swear I'm still looking for the word that reflects my DEEP DISAPPOINTMENT.
Is that what our parliament care about? Shallow issues?

That's an excerpt.
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