Monday, February 04, 2008

Bay Area Anti-War Protest Tuesday

First a PSA sent to the public e-mail account. Those in or near the Bay Area should pay attention (and I'll try to include it tomorrow morning -- it's the only reason I'm posting tonight -- I just saw it and some people will already have tomorrow morning planned when they wake up):

People, Not Politicians, Will End This War!

Protest the Presidential Candidates on Primary Day

What: Creative Anti-War Protest

When: Tuesday, February 5, 5:00 p.m.

Where: UN Plaza (7th Street & Market), San Francisco

Frank Ogawa Plaza (14th & Broadway), Oakland

Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) plans protests on both sides of the Bay on primary day, gathering at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco and Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland. Using humor and strong visuals, activists will call into question the supposed anti-war credentials of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. DASW hopes to send a strong message to the candidates that they should not take for granted support from the antiwar camp.

For more information visit, e-mail, or call (510) 984-2566


More upcoming DASW events:

Saturday, March 15


cosponsored by Green Action and West County Toxics Coalition

11am­ Rally at Judge G. Carroll Park

W. Cutting Blvd & S. Garrard Blvd, Richmond

1pm­ Nonviolent Direct Action at Chevron Refinery

841 Chevron Way, Richmond

(Periodic shuttle buses from RICHMOND BART)


Wednesday, March 19




7:30 am Multiple actions at multiple locations.

Market and Sansome

War machine tours of shame leaving from Market and Sansome throughout the day.


For more information visit, e-mail, or call (510) 984-2566

So that's an important action. It does matter.

Second, today's "Iraq snapshot" did not include a mention of Mike Gravel and that was due to the fact that today's snapshot was completed when Jess called me about his report (on the e-mails) and Martha and Shirley's report. Stuff had to be pulled quickly and put in quickly. If politics are mentioned tomorrow in any way (I'd prefer campaigns for office not be), he will be mentioned. My apologies that I didn't think to include him today. There wasn't time and the original snapshot was 50K. That was before anything about political campaigns went into it. Things were pulled to get it down to a reasonable size (what posted was 44K) so that politics could be added. Ava and I were about to speak and my last comments on the phone were, "Do a 'Finally' and put in John V. Walsh's article somehow please." To give an example of what was pulled, the section on Iraqi women included prison statistics, the call for Iraqi women to be released from prisons, the prostitution so many Iraqi women have had to turned to once they become refugees, the issue of female police officers and the issue of 'honor' killings. Also pulled was a recap on Friday's Baghdad bombings with the final (or most recent 'final') death toll. Pulling things took longer than putting in the political campaign section. Everything dealt with in that section were issues that community members were raising in their e-mails. We didn't have time for Pathetic Democrats of America or for Bambi's mansion (until it was time to buy it, while it needed approval to be split into a lot and a house, his wife set on the committee that approved the split) and much more.

My apologies to Gravel supporters. No one's griped but everyone has reminded me I forgot him and I did. I shouldn't have but I did. My apologies.

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