Thursday, February 07, 2008

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Despite having taken such drastic and difficult measures -- leaving his country and his family behind -- Wiley described himself as a career soldier who comes from a long and proud line of military forbears. The decision was not well-received by his family, with whom he's had no contact since.
Wiley is now affiliated with War Resisters Support Campaign, which is backing a motion by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to stop all deportation cases against Iraqi war deserters. If passed by MPs, American war resisters would be allowed to stay in Canada, just as an estimated 65,000 Vietnam War-era draft dodgers did in the 1960s and '70s.
The motion should pass. Canada should welcome these combat refugees without hesitation.
Most Canadians recognize that the conflict in Iraq is an unjust war. That's why former prime minister Jean Chretien opted to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan, not Iraq. Chretien knew invading Iraq was unjustifiable and that there were some places one shouldn't follow even a close ally.
Some will argue that men and women like Wiley knew when they enlisted that some day they might find themselves in combat; that it would be their sworn duty to fight on behalf of their country.
But Bush, as the American commander-in-chief, abused the trust of his military personnel. We should not send them back to face further injustice.

That's from The Whig Standard's "Welcome U.S. war resisters" and Wiley is Chuck Wiley, 35-years-old, career military, who was happy and proud to serve until Bully Boy declared an illegal war. The Canadian newspaper does what the US independent media can't do, refuses to do -- takes a stand for war resisters.

Lynda notes Maddy Sauer and Justin Rood (ABC News) reporting on the sexual abuses in Iraq and how Tracy Barker is being told by a judge that sexual assault is a normal part of the workplace environment so it should go to arbitration:

A mother of five who says she was sexually harassed and assaulted while working for Halliburton/KBR in Iraq is headed for a secretive arbitration process rather than being able to present her case in open court.
A judge in Texas has ruled that Tracy Barker's case will be heard in arbitration, according to the terms of her initial employment contract.
Barker says that while in Iraq she was constantly propositioned by her superior, threatened and isolated after she reported an incident of sexual assault.

The judge's argument is that she signed an employment contract agreeing to arbitration and should have expected that sexual assault was a 'normal' part of the work place. That can happen because the topic is just too 'icky' for independent media to cover. It was too 'icky' for them when 14-year-old Abeer was gang raped and murdered as well. But don't worry, they can always bore us with their horserace blather.

All below was added after this entry posted originally.

In the public e-mail account it's asked that we link to this which is "Somini Sengupta on ills of Indian Education" and we've dubbed her the paper's in-house poet (New York Times) so if she has something worth saying or a supporter we'll go ahead and note the link. Note, it's actually a petition and resource and I have no idea how (or if) Somini Sengupta is connected to it but check it out if you're interested.

JR e-mails appalled by what Ruth wrote at her own site (the public e-mail account covers Ruth, Kat and this site). I phoned Ruth to pass it on (she's not logging on to e-mails early in the morning) and she's happy to repy to JR in full at her site (this evening). We're not wasting our time with private e-mails, there has been far too many of them passed along. I'll weigh in right now. JR get a damn life. Ruth wrote "Dennis Kucinich puts impeachment off the table."

What does it deal with? Dennis Kucinich announcing on The Randi Rhodes Show yesterday that he wasn't pushing for impeachment. Well, he is, but after the November elections. If JR's unhappy, take it up with Kucinich. He always talks big and, in the end, he does what's best for him. It's why the Greens aren't enchanted with him. Dems have short memories and pay little attention. In Boston 2004, he stabbed the peace movement in the back -- unless you think it's okay to fail to live up to your big talk. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer at the end of last month:

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich created a stink on the House of Representatives floor Wednesday when he announced he'll introduce a measure to impeach President Bush when Bush delivers his final State of the Union address Jan. 28.
"We already know the State of the Union," said Kucinich, whose earlier effort to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney has languished in the House Judiciary Committee because of opposition from Democratic leaders. "It's a lie."

Never happened it, did it? Big words from the little man. And yesterday, he announced that impeachment -- so important to hear him go on and on for the last years -- was on hold because he had an election to win. To quote myself, Dennis does what's best for Dennis. Always. ("I don't know that I loathe him. I don't care for him. But he makes a lot of promises, always has, and a lot of people believe him. And then Dennis does what's best for Dennis. That's nothing new.")

To JR, from me, not Ruth, "Get a life you pathetic little Dennis groupie. He promised the moon. He delivers nothing. If you're disappointed, take it up with him, don't whine about Ruth pointing out the obvious. JR, if you're bothered by what Ruth wrote, go read Rebecca's 'the 'fighting' kucinich' -- you may faint." Since I'm having to go back into this entry to add that, let me note something I want to note, Wally's "THIS JUST IN! STONERS FOR BAMBI!" and Cedric's
"Bambi wraps up the roll your own vote" -- joint-post which was hilarious. If you missed that on Monday (I'm sure most already saw it then), please read their joint-post. JR, archives of The Randi Rhodes Show can be found here. (And elsewhere, I'm sure.) Listen to the broadcast. And try facing reality, you sound a wee bit old for a teen crush -- and crushes on politicians are especially suspect.

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