Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Littlest Nixon is not Eisenhower's granddaughter!

Beverly Fanning is among the campaign donors who'll be joining President Bush at a gala at Washington's Ford's Theater Sunday night, but she says that won't dissuade her from her current passion: volunteering for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. She isn't the only convert. A McClatchy computer analysis, incomplete due to the difficulty matching data from various campaign finance reports, found that hundreds of people who gave at least $200 to Bush's 2004 campaign have donated to Obama. Among them are Julie Nixon Eisenhower, the granddaughter of the late GOP president Dwight Eisenhower; Connie Ballmer, the wife of Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer; Ritchie Scaife, the estranged wife of conservative tycoon Richard Mellon Scaife and boxing promoter Don King.

Do you catch the HUGE error? That's nonsense and words I can't use here. It's a McClatchy article and idiots are linking to it and reposting without calling it out. What's wrong? Julie Nixon Eisenhower is not "the granddaughter of the late GOP president Dwight Eisenhower".

Julie Nixon is Richard Nixon's daughter. Nora Ephron dubbed her "the littlest Nixon" when Julie was lying to the press that her crook of a father (in his last days of the presidency) was not a crook. Julie Nixon married David Eisenhower (who is the grandson of Dwight).

How stupid are people?

How stupid is McClatchy? (A question I screamed at over the phones to friends at McClatchy earlier.) How stupid is their reporter, how stupid is their editor?

And how stupid is TruthOut?

How stupid do you have to be to not know that Julie Nixon is Tricky Dick's daughter?

You have to be plenty stupid.

You have to be so stupid that when you see three names ("Julie Nixon Eisenhower"), you run to the last one as her maiden name?

How uniformed do you have to be?

And a lot of people at websites have reposted that nonsense without pointing out that Julie is a Nixon.

I don't think "youth" excuses it. We're talking about Tricky Dick, the most crooked president of the last century. We're not talking about some distant relative of his. He had two daughters.

How do you pretend you're a political website (especially for the left or 'left') and not know that Julie Nixon is Tricky Dick's daughter?

How do you ignored the constant infighting between her and her sister over their father's 'museum' -- which has been well covered by the press this decade?

How do you see a woman billed with three names, one of which is Nixon, and not immediately say, "Ah, Dick's daughter?"

You do it because you're uniformed and uneducated.

And that goes to the reporter that wrote that crap, the editor that passed it on through and all the websites that have reposted it and not pointed out the error.

It also goes to the sexism involved. It's a woman so the facts don't matter? It's a woman so who cares? It's a woman with three names: "Oh, that's confusing! Oh, I can't follow that! Can't she just go by 'Mrs.' something!"

The littlest Nixon. That's what Nora Ephron called her in real time.

And there was a reason for that.

When the littlest Nixon donates to Barack's campaign, it's another reason to worry about the state of democracy.

The MSM may miss the point but the left and "left" sites reposting that crap shouldn't.

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