Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leslie and Tom, the Peace Saboteurs

Capt. Warren A. Frank had served nearly three tours in Iraq. He was a Marine, but he was also a husband and a father who looked forward to retiring from the service, teaching high school history and coaching track.
Those dreams and ambitions were dashed when Frank, 26, was killed Nov. 25 while supporting combat operations in Ninewa province, Iraq, the Department of Defense reported.
According to a statement released by his father, Warren R. Frank, his son was killed while conducting a humanitarian food drop when his team encountered enemy small arms fire, and at least one of the attackers might have been dressed as an Iraqi soldier.
The same attack killed Master Sgt. Anthony Davis, a Triangle resident who was buried at Arlington National Cemetery last month.

The above is from Mark Berman's "Mourning a Fallen Marine's Lost Future" (Washington Post)
and we're noting it and, you may have noticed, other write ups on funerals more than normal. In past years, if we've noted a funeral or memorial (we note the deaths, I'm talking about the funerals here) it's been because there's been an e-mail asking that we do. We'll be noting the funerals a lot more because people (I don't mean people in this community) seem to have forgotten the costs of the illegal war.

The broadcast networks are going-going-gone having lost interest and "lost interest" pretty much describes the s**t Tom Hayden served up yesterday (see yesterday's snapshot) reflecting his opinions and those of others in the 'anti-war' movement. I'm real sorry that the war has dragged on longer than they could have guessed (fools) and that it's such a 'hardship' on their lives. You know Tom's got a bad 'book' to sell every ten months or so. A repackaging of previous writings or yet another autobiography. Those things may not require real work but they do require time and Tom's just too damn busy to be bothered with some silly war.

I believe it was near the end of 2005 that we started saying here that it appeared those who wanted the illegal war (a decreasing number) wanted it more than those allegedly opposed to the illegal war wanted to end it.

And that's still true. In fact, it's even more so today.

We don't have a media. Corporate media's spending all their time trying to second guess Barack. Watch the smugness on the chat and chews and grasp that it's all about whether or not they were right in their columns or reports. In March, I'm told by one news exec at NBC, they'll be re-evaluating coverage (meaning Iraq might get some crumbs) but for now it's Barack's . . . He stopped so I finished for him "coronation." And that's what it is and that's where the corporate media's gone. Panhandle Media is no better and I have to bite my tongue because they are, in fact, worse, but we go into that at Third tomorrow.

So let's stop pretending that the media gives a damn about the Iraq War. They don't give a f**k. Corporate media's off in a frenzy over how far up they can build Barack before they begin dismantling him (a natural process -- they're selling a product, not delivering news) and Panhandle Media's full of the rejects who couldn't work elsewhere because they're socially and intellectually stunted.

The American people?

I try to be sympathetic. I try to grasp that a lot of LIARS in Panhandle Media have worked overtime to create the myth of Barack The 'Anti-War' Candidate. I try to remind myself that most people are so busy they don't have time to check out reality for themselves.

But I'm losing that sympathy quickly. They have time to finger and jerk themselves off into a frenzy over the War Hawk. They have time to fantasize.

And, honestly, after nearly six years, it's pretty f**king pathetic that they can't get their damn act together (the American people) enough to know what's what with an ongoing war.

People make fun of -- on the left and in the center -- those who still support the illegal war. I make fun of the politicians and eggheads who do but the average person who supports it? No. They tend to pay far more attention to it than the average American. I'll always disagree with them on the illegal war but I will give them credit for never ignoring it.

And I'll even congratulate them because, right now, they have won. It won't last but right now this is their victory. And that's due to the retreat by the so-called 'anti-war' movement. So they should bask in that and grasp that the Leslie Cagans and Tom Haydens do not give a DAMN about ending the Iraq War. They are devoted to Barack Obama and too vested in LYING for him and PROTECTING him from the harsh truths and realities.

Again, it's a temporary victory because across America there are a number who still want to end the illegal war and the off-with-their-heads movement regarding the FAKE 'leaders' has seeds planted and stems sprouting.

Leslie Cagan and Tom Hayden are among those who have betrayed and sold out the peace movement. As those of us who care about ending the illegal war keep the movement alive and growing, we need to remember that and remember that there's no place for those who would sabotage the peace movement. It is not about any political candidate for any office. Those who have abused the movement are saboteurs in every sense of the word.

Every day, the dying will continue in Iraq. Some days it will include the US, every day it will include Iraqis. It is this century's tragedy. Built on lies and continued due to the apathy of some and the greed of others.

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