Monday, January 05, 2009

Protest at DiFi's this morning

Protest today at DiFi's:

Mass Civil Disobedience
Nonviolent Direct Action in Solidarity with Gaza
Monday, January 5th, 8AM
Market and Montgomery (Montgomery BART), outside Sen. Diane Feinstein's office, SF
Arrestable and Non-Arrestable Actions
Rain or Shine

Gaza Action, a coalition of Arab, Jewish, and allied anti-occupation
groups, is organizing a response to the ground invasion of Gaza. We
invite your organization to co-sponsor and to attend the civil
disobedience planned for Monday. We will host both arrestable and
non-arrestable actions. We also encourage your organization to form an
affinity group and join or select specific sites to blockade.

In the last week Israel has shown the brutality of its illegal war against
the people of Palestine. And we have witnessed the US government's
unwavering support for these crimes. It is up to us to stop them. By
targeting business a usual in San Francisco we up the social cost
war-makers must consider when planning these assaults. By targeting the
Congressional leadership based in San Francisco we send a clear message:
"End US support for Israel. Stop the $3 billion in yearly military aid to
Israel. End the assault, end the siege, and end the occupation."

For more information go to

or email

if your affinity group would like to co-ordinate actions email

Gaza Action is: Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Al-Awda, Free
Palestine Alliance, Arab American Union Members Council, International
Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the ANSWER Coalition, Direct Action to Stop
the War, Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, Women in Black,
International Action Center

David Solnit is getting the word out on that. With Aimee Allison (KPFA's The Morning Show), he authored Army Of None: Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment, End War, and Build a Better World (published by Seven Stories Press and available at Courage to Resist)

And sent in to the public e-mail account:

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you in our beginning stages to a new website dedicated to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor where you will find articles, information and stories. Along with this we will have up to date news directly from an inside source at the Hall.

This site was created for those who would like a better understanding of the Purple Heart, the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor and of the men and woman who have served and are now serving in our Armed Forces.

* Where those who have been wounded in any war may leave their personal story as to how and where they were wounded as a shared legacy.
* Where those thousands of readers including school kids may read these stories and realize the human service, sacrifice and suffering of those that bore arms in the defense of the freedoms that they are now enjoying.

On this site you will be able to communicate with some of these veterans and non veterans who have shared an experience first hand through stories by utilizing the our Discussion Board or get together in the Chat Room. There is a Forum area where you can communicate directly with the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor's Staff to ask questions or give your comments.

For those who have visited the Hall, you will be able to share your visit by uploading images and describing your experience within our Image Gallery or write a short note in our Guest Book.

Some of you will not have the opportunity to visit the Hall, to walk through the many exhibits or get a chance to interact with the onsite knowledgeable staff . So to try to give you the next best thing, I have created a "Virtual Image Tour" of their facility. This is in it's beginning stages and will be periodically updated as we further develop this website. We hope to eventually make this a complete Virtual Tour of the Hall along with captions, interviews and video footage.

As you visit this website, I hope you can gain a better insight of what it means to be presented the Purple Heart and of those who have received it. Please pass the word to your friends, neighbors, and other veteran related websites that you know of so we all can enjoy. While you visit our site be sure to sign up for our Bi-Monthly E-Newsletter, the link is located on the Main Page.


The's Website Team
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