Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Burials, memorials and questions

Ryan Zorn died last week serving in Iraq (November 16th). Yesterday funeral services were held. The Gillette News-Record notes that over 300 mourners attended the service including Wyoming's Governor Dave Freudenthal and US Senator Mike Enzi. Joshua Wolfson (Casper Star-Tribune) reports that JoAnn Zorn was presented with her son's Bronze Star and quotes his father Myorn Zorn stating, "He was proud of what he did, and he died doing what he believed in." Last week Tony Raap (Gillette News-Record) spoke with JoAnn and Myron Zorn about their son:

Myron talked to Ryan four days before he died. It was a short conversation, lasting only five minutes. Ryan was in a good mood. He told his father everything was going well.
At the end, Ryan said: "Dad, I have to go eat breakfast."
Those were the last words he heard him say.
JoAnn recalled talking to Ryan this past summer, when he was on leave. An avid explorer, Ryan traveled to Paris and called his parents from the Eiffel Tower. He also visited Luxembourg to see where the Battle of the Bulge, a pivotal World War II offensive, was waged.
Ryan also started an adopt-a-soldier program after noticing several of his fellow servicemen never received any mail from home. It started small, but soon grew to the point where Zorn could hardly squeeze into his bunk because his barrack space was filled with presents.

Kevin Woster (Rapid City Journal) reports of yesterday's funeral, "JoAnn Zorn stood surrounded by family and friends, pressing a folded U.S. flag to her chest as she watched an Army honor guard carry her son’s casket slowly toward the seemingly endless rows of white crosses." Meanwhile in Iraq today there will be a memorial service for another service members. Lily Gordon (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer) reports that Briand T. Williams, who died Sunday when his unit came under fire in Iraq, will be remembered in a ceremony. Lindsey Connell (WALB) reports the 25-year-old resident of Sparks Georgia was on his fourth overseas deployment and that he joined the military in 2002. Also coming under fire in Iraq this month was Staff Sgt Amy Tirador. Scott Fontaine (News Tribune) reports that Colleen Murphy, her mother, explains "that her 29-year-old daughter was shot execution-style in the back of the head" while on base and:

Murphy also has enlisted the support of the offices of Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, both New York Democrats.
"They're behind us 100 percent," Murphy said.
"We'll find the person or persons that did this, and we'll find out the complete truth."
Tirador's father, Gerard Seyboth, could not be reached by The News Tribune. But he told WRGB-TV in Albany, N.Y., that his daughter’s work as an interrogator made her a "high-profile target."

The above three service members are among the 4365 US troops who have died in Iraq since the start of the Iraq War.

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