Friday, November 27, 2009

Talking entry

Due to a number of e-mails to the public account, we're going to do a talking entry.

First, thanks for thinking of me for your wedding, but if I don't know you and you don't me, I really would be out of place at your wedding and, as for where you should have it, if you're not familiar with the US, maybe it would be better to get married in England before you leave.

Second, to those visitors who feel neglected. (1) Most holidays do not include a snapshot. (2) It was noted in advance that there might or might not be an Iraq snapshot on Thursday and it would depend on the news coming out of Iraq that day. (3) With three entries on Thursday, I'm failing to see any validity in your charges of neglect but thanks for writing.

Third, Kat's review will go up at some point this weekend. It might be today. I have no idea. She's written it, she's typed it. The cover needs to be uploaded to Flickr but that will take a few seconds. This may or may not be her last music piece here until she does her year-in-review. That's for her to decide. If she finds something she feels is worthy of a review, she'll write another review.

Fourth, Kat covers music. And does a wonderful job of it so there's no need for me to as well. In answer to questions of what I'm listening to right now are Carly Simon's Never Been Gone, Dashboard Confessional's Alter The Ending, Rickie Lee Jones' Balm In Gilead and some mixes of a friend's album in progress (which I predict will be the R&B album of next year). And "right now" is this morning.

Five, to the fool insisting that the Iraq War is over, tell it to the Iraqis still dying, tell it to the US forces still stationed there, tell it to the American families with relatives stationed in Iraq. Consider yourself incredibly fortunate (or insensitive) to be "bored" with an ongoing war.

Six, are we going dark? I said, "Let me get through Thanksgiving and then I'll decide." Most want to continue so I've agreed to six more months. If you're late to the party, the plan (announced in the summer of 2005) was for this site to go dark November 2008. Ava and I accidently extended that last year when we told friends with Fringe that we'd wait until midseason to review the show. At which point it was extended for a brief time. Then community member Stan wanted to start a site (which he did, ) but he didn't want to be starting it if we were all about to shut down. So I've agreed to six month extensions. I can't promise, as I did in 2005, three years. That's too much and there are days when I don't even want to be online or near a computer. But I can manage six months. Ava, Elaine and I are all fine with going dark right now but the others want to continue. So, for at least six more months, we will.

Seven, how could I miss Google and YouTube!!!! Because we're focused on more important things right now. Nouri al-Maliki, feeling that state TV doesn't bow and scrape enough before him, has started his own YouTube channel -- 'just like Queen Elizabeth!' breathless accounts insist from various outlets. I'm really not sure that's the comparison he should be seeking. Second, Iraq's museum remains closed to the people. That it may be 'open' to the world (while still closed to Iraqis) is not really top of my must-cover bits.

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