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Anti-Muslim 'Prophet of Doom' Profits from Peddling Falsehood

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Anti-Muslim 'Prophet of Doom' Profits from Peddling Falsehood

Political Perspective by Tim King

Cultural anti-Muslim 'e-hate' rears its ugly head Online to infect the ignorant and unsuspecting...

Stop bashing Muslims for profit
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(SALEM) - This story began Thursday, when a friend sent a YouTube video to our newsroom about rape laws and specific cases in Pakistan. It offered chilling facts and figures; illustrating the problem in extremely critical terms. Not knowing who had produced it, I traced the source and unfortunately, was confronted with an alarmist, anti-Muslim Website just seething with hateful allegations.
Being 'against' any religion is contrary to life
in a country where our forces die protecting
our freedom. Photo:
I immediately sensed the negativity of the site, but when I read the fiction that they were trying to pass off as factual information, I nearly lost my lunch. This group, Prophet of Doom: Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Mohammed's Own Words, indeed does profit from the fear they publicize, and I think it is fair to conclude that they only exist because of the dreadful political climate established by those right wing mouthpieces like Limbaugh and O'Reilly.
Sometimes e-hate is a crappy smelly thing so infectious and wrong that it just needs to be washed away like a bad disease. Still, experience teaches us that when we encounter zones of bigotry and falsehood online, it is important to move past the initial revulsion and ask questions. We need to contact the operators and give them an opportunity to explain. If both parties remain rational and decent, a great deal can be accomplished.
The potential of this type of dialog played out well a couple of weeks ago, as I engaged in a series of emails with one of the nation's top experts on terrorism; Stephen Emerson. Diametrically opposed on several issues, there was a great deal that we could agree upon. We must engage groups with opposing ideologies. In extreme cases like the one I reveal below, we must first ask why they are publishing false information designed to harm human relations. People deserve a chance to represent themselves.

The anti-Muslim hate merchants don't want you to
understand the concept of coexistence; it is very real.
Courtesy: Muslim Times
Let's face it, hating Muslims is big business in America. There are groups like this that exist literally to pour fuel on the flames of non-acceptance and racial disintegration. It is why the FCC will eventually become part of the world we new media journos exist in. Sadly, most Muslims in America today are trying to simply survive without racist treatment and constant bigotry from sources like Prophet of Doom; they don't tend to take groups like this to court, however perhaps they will now.

'Profit of Doom' is so dirty that you can practically smell their sweaty hate through your keyboard. They're foul and rude too, as expected. Perhaps my questions were terse, but I was unhappy after reading their diatribe and so-called expert information. My impression was that they are powered by a couple of former Muslims who are now profiteering from their inside knowledge; a handful of Zionist Jews, and surely a few 'Christians' who want to scare the hell out of people by filling them with information that their group has no business peddling. Then I realized that the site exists partly to sell a book. How much is this book full of false information geared to build animosity toward Muslims? How about eighty bucks, plus like twenty more to mail it or something like that. See my point? Robert O'Dowd and I recently co-authored a book about contaminated military bases and you can get it online for three bucks, and we had to charge that to use the service. People write for profit or they write for the sake of humanity and history.

Craig Winn, the author of 'Prophet of Doom', states: "Islam rises and falls on Muhammad. He is the religion's sole prophet, Islam's solitary example, Allah's lone conduit."

The most important missing fact in the whole world, that Americans vastly fail to understand, is that The Holy Qur'an totally recognizes the existence of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ and the Muslims view Christ as a Prophet from God. They do not believe he was the son of God, but they do believe he is Messenger of God and a Prophet. This is super basic knowledge to anyone who knows anything about Islam. In fact, The Qur'an mentions Jesus twenty-five times, more often, by name, than Muhammad.

So basically, in the very first paragraph promoting his book, Craig Winn shows us that one of two things are true:
    One possibility is that he knows absolutely nothing about the subject he has taken on; there is not just one single prophet recognized by Muslims.
    Or version number two, that this writer is purely an agenct of false information who is specifically lying to poison the well of knowledge.
Those who are not familiar need to understand that the Muslims follow the First Testament. This Website refers to Allah as 'their God' but it is not a different God, it is the same God and Islam, Judaism and Christianity have far, far more in common than the doom profiteers would have you understand.

Perhaps most important, is the fact that the Muslim faith most closely corresponds with Christian teachings. Remember that the Jews think Christ was an impostor; a false prophet.

As you will see in the email exchange below, they consider themselves to be experts in Islam and they are not. They claim to use accurate historical text, yet the whole platform appears as an attack on Muslims.
Instead of representing religious value, this online group shows itself to be the total opposite. These difficult and nameless people with their hate Website operate like the Taliban, in that they pervert religion and make it the excuse for their inhumane actions, and trust me that I have been around Taliban and also the far flung western idiots who use religion and fear like devices in a torture chamber.

They pimp it onto the Internet where their mechanisms of deceit and false teaching can latch onto unsuspecting people seeking real information, and land them not in a land of knowledge, but in this wicked pit of disinformation- all by design.

Here is my attempt to reason with the operator of this Website:

Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 4:26 PM
Subject: Can you guys answer some questions for


I received a video today from a friend about rape in Pakistan that traces back to your group, pretty chilling stuff. But then I kept looking at your site and my alarm level rose and rose. You claim, for example, that the Muslims have only one prophet, I am flabbergasted. You actually do not know that the Muslims consider Jesus Christ a prophet?

We exist for the sake of truth at and at this point, you appear to be running on pure propaganda and of course now we can't use the video about rape, even though it seems important, because it will lead people to your false information.

So what gives? Do we need to do a big educational piece about the false information being peddled by your doomsday project? Do you care if you are factually accurate or are you some kind of Israeli shill poser group that only exists to spread lies and cause people to hate Muslims?

Do you like Israeli apartheid and stand for their Jewish only roads and laws and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who are rightful owners of land being stolen continually by 'settlers'? Do you know these settlements are illegal under international law?

Are you aware of the fact that the dangerous Muslims are called Wahhabis and Salafists? Do you know that the dangerous Muslims are primarily with the nations that are U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia?

I fear I know the answers and I am disappointed because there are so many things that need to be exposed such as the problems in Pakistan that you mentioned, but you can't operate a low brow slaughterhouse and make money off scaring people, that is wrong if you are not totally accurate with your writings.

If we are forced to write about your group's statements, then anything anyone Googles about you will go to our links, if you don't think this is true then you are free to test the water. Nobody has the right to spread lies online about a culture that they know only enough about, to hate.

Tim King
Online Global News Service

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 4:41 PM, POD <> wrote:

I've got "news" for you. You are so ignorant, so irrational, so misinformed, there is no point in responding to you.

But should you actually want to know the truth, should you have reasonable questions, then read Prophet of Doom. It is the single best documented, most comprehensive, chronological, and contextual presentation of Islam's five oldest and most credible sources ever written.

If not, keep your idiotic opinions to yourself.

Tim King 5:17 PM (6 hours ago)

Well I expected nothing less than this type of reaction from a gang of bigots, just don't say I didn't try to communicate with you. You don't know squat about Muslims and I doubt you have ever set foot in their part of the world, thanks for confirming exactly what we assumed to be the case.

I don't keep my opinions to myself by the way.

No respect,
Tim King
Online Global News Service

POD 6:27 PM (4 hours ago)
I know a million times more about Islam than you do - probably more than any American. And unlike you, I view nothing from the perspective of race. As for seeing what Islam does to a nation, I've been in most every significant country on this planet, and thus can compare based upon facts rather than illusions. One of the differences between me and you is that I study the evidence before I speak. I invested 10,000 hours reviewing the five oldest Islamic sources, put them together, and then used them to reorder the Qur'an chronologically. Islam has never been presented more rationally than it is in Prophet of Doom. Its findings are irrefutable. You spout thoughtless platitudes as if your opinions were true - as if they had merit. And yet you are absolutely clueless. Thinking yourself wise, you are both ignorant and irrational. To say that "Jesus Christ" was a Muslim prophet is to be completely unaware of how different Yahowsha' and Muhammad were. They were opposites. Allah and Yahowah have nothing in common. The Qur'an is the antithesis of the Towrah. To believe that opposites are the same is to be irrational, ignorant, or both. So, Tim, next time you criticize something, read the book first. That way you won't make such a complete fool of yourself.

Tim King 8:47 PM (2 hours ago)
You don't know who I am and you don't disclose who you are; you can read about me for days, I am an extremely well established human rights journalist and I don't buy one ounce of what you are doing, not an ounce. I can't even take a person seriously who doesn't use a name, that is funny. You know a million times more, what kind of a statement is that? A million? There is no disagreement in the world community about whether Christ was a Prophet in the Holy Qur'an, he was and that is it. You can say what you want, obviously... and you are a hate conveyor, you brand and insult and are unfair and I am hours into an article exposing your ridiculous mission. Oh and for the record, I have far more than ten thousand hours into this area, and it sickens me that you are on a hate mission, whoever you are. I suppose perhaps the writer of the book?
I think your best ability so far is to cast insults and if you think that is impressive you should guess again. I wrote and asked you specific questions and you did not honor them. This is unfortunate and not how I handle inquiries, perhaps you will learn something from all of this, that is up to you. Obviously your level of conceit is so high that you might not be able to see past your own ego, it is only a concern because people are potentially reading your fiction construed as fact and that is shameful. You really don't know that Christ is a Prophet? I think you're pulling my leg; I think this is a Hasbara operation and you have been aware of that fact from the moment you started. If you don't know the first thing about a religion, then you can't know anything.
And what is this of the Towrah, you sure like to change the spelling of words don't you? I have seen you misspell the name of The Holy Qu'ran on your Website, I guess whatever fits the occasion right? The Torah is a scary book, it establishes that Jews are the only people who matter and that we Goyam are here to serve you and nothing else, what a steaming crock that is. Israeli Zionists are land thieves and war criminals and they have an apartheid government with separate laws and separate roads for Jews and non-Jews. Judaism was never meant to be a national militant order based in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the indigenous people of The Holy Land. God never meant to have a Star of David on every bomb used to kill Arab children, anyone who supports this is a sick twisted animal and that's it. I am not for radical Islam, as I mentioned I dread the scary ones; the oppressive ones, the Wahhabi and Salafist fundamentalists, I hate the Taliban but then I see you just as I see them, a danger and a person who doesn't give a s[**]t about the truth, only your power agenda.
And in the modern age, Islam was not a threat; not until after WWII. The Soviets oppressed the Afghans, that crushing of their religious freedom along with western exploitation in Persia, led to the Islamic Revolution. Islamic violence all stems from the Nakba and western interference and the Israelis are at the center of it. They deserved a refuge after the horror of the Holocaust; though England and France should never have let Hitler rise to power and they failed to enforce the Treaty of Versailles. These moves preceded The Third Reich; everyone would stand with the Israelis like anyone else but they are like South Africa's past apartheid government, only on steroids. I am wasting my time, you are an agenda driven profiteer who doesn't know anything about the Muslim recognition of Christ and still managed to write a book; simply amateur and funny.
But you know a million times more than me.

Tim King
Online Global News Service

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