Thursday, July 05, 2012

Birds, blindness and questioning Nouri

Despite reports Tuesday that the Independent High Electoral Commission had postponed provincial elections, Alsumaria reported yesterday that the commission denied to them that the elections are postponed, that they need six months notice to prepare for the elections and that March 17th would be their own ideal figure.  They state that they have not postponed the elections but that the failure to name the new commissioners or renew the current ones is causing a delay.  So it appears that the provincial elections are postponed but not by the commission.

The electoral commission is also not responsible for the banning of birds and eggs.  Alsumaria reports that the Council of Ministers banned importing eggs and birds from 18 countries including Cambodia, India, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  The states reason is fear of Bird Flu (Avian Influenza).  Though Bird Flu is no longer in the headlines, June 7th, the World Health Organization announced "a new case of human infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus." WHO also passed on:

The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, Hong Kong, China, has reported a human case of avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection.‪ The case is a 2 year-old male from Guangzhou City, Guangdong province. He developed symptoms on 23 May 2012 in Guangdong province and went to a private clinic in Hong Kong, China, on 26 May 2012. He developed febrile convulsion and was transferred to a hospital on 28 May 2012 and was laboratory confirmed as A(H5N1) on 2 June 2012. His condition remains serious and he remains hospitalized. 

In other medical news, Dar Addustour reports that six people in Nasiriyah, while undergoing eye exams, were exposed to some form of bacteria that is still unknown at this time but that resulted in their being blinded.

 The political crisis continues in Iraq.  Tuesday, we noted:

A lot of people seem to believe Moqtada al-Sadr has changed his position.  There's nothing he's said that's changed his position.  He appears to be taken the issue of questioning very seriously.  And would appear to be presenting himself as impartial and reluctant.  That's been his position all along.  Is Nouri going to appear before Parliament for questioning?  If he follows the Constitution, yes.  There's not X number needed for questioning.  He has been asked to appear.
Whether he does or not, per the Constitution, he has to.  If he does, per Moqtada's statements, an opinion will be formed based on Nouri's answers.  If the answers are not satisifactory, Moqtada -- with a heavy heart and great reluctantce -- would have his bloc vote for no-confidence if the others got their required votes.  As Al Mada reports today, the vote is currently postponed because, among other reasons, Jalal Talabani remains out of the country (that reason comes from the Sadr bloc).
I know Nouri's lackeys in the US -- non-governmental -- insist this is a change of position but this has been Moqtada's position since April 28th.  I guess not reading Arabic leaves them left out -- and makes them offer ridiculous comments like the first All Iraqi News article we linked to?  No lawyer for Nouri speaks or is quoted or is referenced in that article.  No matter what an idiot who worships Nouri and is 'buds' with Jane and Prashant Tweeted.  In fact, if Jane Arraf and Prashant Rao had any sense, they would have Tweeted back, "Uh, learn Arabic, that's not what the article says."  But that's not how a circle-jerk works, is it?  [And here's a helping hand for the idiot -- this is an All iraqi News article where Nouri's attorney speaks. This is.  The one you Tweeted yesterday wasn't.  And this article was published today.  Not published when you Tweeted so don't try to pretend you meant to Tweet something else, you dumb ass.]

Today Hevidear Ahmed (Rudaw) has a piece where he speaks to various participants to find out what's going on and what Moqtada's position is:

“If the issue is collecting signatures, we can now collect enough. But when it comes to voting, I don’t know who will vote in favor of the case or not. Therefore, until the actual voting takes place, we won’t have a clear view on the issue,” Hussein added.
Abdul Sattar Bayati, a senior official from Sadr’s faction in Iraqi Parliament, confirms their stance on the issue, saying they have not given up on the attempt to unseat Maliki.
“Maliki must be removed from office. Whenever 124 votes in favor of withdrawing confidence are collected, we will add the other 40 votes needed. His Excellency Muqtada Sadr has already said this.” Bayati said.

Wait! What!  The Twittering monkeys were all wrong?


Again and again and again.

I have no idea why so-called 'experts' get to remain billed as such when they're repeatedly wrong.  And it must be very frustrating for them that they are so wrong so often when me -- not the brightest person in the room -- has repeatedly avoided the hype.  But then, unlike gas bags, I know how to listen and store information.  I also know how to analyze information (and in that regard, I am ahead of the curve, only in that last regard).

So in other words, the 'experts' and the reporters and 'reporters' who passed on their 'wisdom' were wrong.  We have been correct what is taking place in Iraq and we've done mainly by ignoring the 'experts' and instead relying on friend in diplomatic circles and with the UN.

Alsumaria notes that Iraqiya is stating that the Parliament will beging to set the stage for the questioning of Nouri next week.

Kitabat offers an essay by Ibrahim al-Zubaidi that postulates Iraq is not a country.  What is it?  It's over a million armed forces controlled by Nouri al-Maliki.  It's a land ruled by force despite having a president and a parliament.  Jalal Talabani, the president, is someone who has been biased towards Nouri from the beginning, he is not neutral despite repeated attempts to portray himself as such, the essay argues.  He refuses to stand and lead as the president in any other country would, the essay continues, and Iraq is in a state of anarchy.

Alsumaria reports Nouri is still eyeing Diyala Province.  He's already had nearly 100 people arrested there this week.  All 'terrorists,' of course.  He's now threatening that security breaches must be addressed.

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