Monday, July 02, 2012

The CIA is plotting to kill Nouri?

The hottest news in Iraq today?  Citing an unnamed Cuban publication, Dar Addustour reports that their is as an assassination plot against Nouri al-Maliki.  Who are the alleged would-be-killers?  The CIA.  And the reason?  The US government has realized that Nouri has become a dicatator and that it is time to take him out.  Well it's more entertaining than that story Al Rafidayn had two weeks ago about the over-80 year-old woman that had just died who the village swore had been kidnapped by an eagle when she was five or seven-years-old.

Moving back to the planet earth,  Al Mada reports that an Iraqiya spokesperson says that the tolerance of nondemocratic moves by the government is hurting Iraq and that, when Nouri al-Maliki is questioned before Parliament,, this will become even more obvious.  The spokesperson says when, not if.  Alsumaria interviews State of Law MP Haitham al-Jubouri who insists taht the Sadr bloc has abandoned efforts for Nouri to appear before Parliament for questioning and that it wants to work with Nouri.  The Sadr bloc is not part of State of Law and State of Law is Nouri's political slate so the announcements regarding the Sadr bloc will continue to come from Moqtada and his spokespersons, not from State of Law.  Kitabat reports on Moqtada al-Sadr's statements which were that he worries this may not be the time for a no-confidence vote and where he says he would favor reforms.  Of course, he would favor reforms.  He's said that for how many months now?  Does State of Law think no one pays attention?  He wants the Erbil Agreement returned to.  There's nothing new in his statements -- which were in reply to a follower online.   Al Mada reports that Nouri is still pushing his recent interest: a national conference.  He wasn't interested in it from December through most of June but, suddenly last week, he became interested.  The newspaper reports he's pushing Ibrahim al-Jaafari to head it.  Nouri knew this would cause conflict -- the Kurds and al-Jaafari have been publicly at odds since 2005.  (At odds much longer but it went public in 2005.  They began fighting against his receiving a second term as prime minister at that point.)

Meanwhile remember when Little Saddam (Nouri al-Maliki) forgot he was a puppet and thought he could demand that the White House get ExxonMobil to drop their deal with the Kurds?  Silly puppet.  Administrations dance for oil corporations.  Dar Addustour reports that US Vice Presidetn Joe Biden phoned Nouri on Thursday to express the US government's belief that Nouri needs to stop trying to halt that deal and that Nouri was informed that the F-16s Iraq 'needs' will not be supplied if Nouri doesn't stop trying to halt he ExxonMobil deal.  It's amazing.  Torture cells didn't bother the White House.  Killing gay men and men suspected of being gay didn't bother the White House.  Attacking Iraqi youths didn't bother the White House.  But when a billion dollar ExxonMobil deal was threatened, suddenly the White House is ready to pull the F-16s.

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