Thursday, September 06, 2012

More propaganda for Tony Blair

tbThink of it as "More Crap From Vainty Fair."  The magazine of the shaky politics (steadfastly anti-Bush if never pro-people) and psuedo airs offers a lengthy excerpt from Kurt Eichenwald's 500 Days: :Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars -- aka How I Learned to Grab Tired Press Narratives and Recyle.

If there's a new or original thought in the excerpt, lots of luck finding it.  Instead you get the usual crap that would have seemed 'cutting edge' no later than early 2005.  No one's supposed to question good Tony or how Eichenwald became the latest to be able to read Blair's mind.

Reading Blair's mind is a lot like past life recall -- just as everyone tends to swear they were Cleopatra in another life (and not a nameless worker on the pyramids), when one mind reads Blair, one finds only greatness.

The popular press narrative or St. Tony of the Fan Rags pulled against his will reluctantly into a war.  Bully Boy Bush is one of the supreme idiots in the world but we're supposed to believe that he was smart enough to fool a reluctant Tony?

And while believing that lie, we're supposed to forget the Blair Doctrine speech and the call for war with Iraq -- a speech given in Chicago, a speech given in the nineties.  Well before Bush began occupying the White House.

It's very fortunate for Tony Blair that he was seen as Bush's lapdog.  It made him seem less culpable, pathetic and pitiful.  He's a War Criminal and he knew what he was doing.  And public testimony at the Iraq Inquiry in London didn't paint a picture of a reluctant Tones pulled along by the Big Bad American.  It offered a glimpse of someone much more in charge and much more in a leadership role than the popular narrative has repeatedly portrayed.

Another bad book recycling tired and stale narratives that downgrade Tony Blair from active and willing War Criminal to reluctant tag along, mere accomplice, not an actual perpetrator.

However, Blair knew what he was doing and worked to ensure that there was no second UN resolution.  Maybe before the next bad book is turned out via mind readings and 2003 clippings, someone might do a little work and consult the testimonies offered to the Iraq Inquiry?  And then they might want to stop trying to turn War Criminals into cuddling Muppets?

Just a thought.

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