Thursday, April 25, 2013

How they re-set the clock for Nouri

The idiot's AFP.  It could just as easily be Jane Arraf.  Neither appears to have an honest bone in their bodies these days.  Here's their opening crap:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki warned on Thursday of attempts to return the country to "sectarian civil war," as a wave of violence killed more than 140 people over three days.
Maliki called on everyone worried about Iraq's future "to take the initiative, and not be silent about those who want to take the country back to sectarian civil war," in remarks broadcast on state television.

Most of us can find a starting point rather easily.  AFP and Arraf -- maybe the starting letter requires that they be asses? -- can't.

They always resect the clock for Nouri.  Forever.

They ignore his verbal attacks last week on the protesters.  They ignore that, no, it is not acceptable to mow down peaceful protesters -- not anywhere in the world.  They just let him re-set the start button and they whore for him and cheapen us all.

We haven't had time this week to cover the biggest nonsense in the Iraqi government.

That's Nouri threatening to replace ministers.

And the press -- trashy Jane and piss-ant Prashant -- have covered as though that's not just normal, but possible.  It's not legal.

That's not how the Iraqi Constitutions dictates things are done.  Nouri can't fire any minister.  He also can't replace anyone.

He can ask that Parliament strip someone of their post -- lots of luck there, also this time later -- and with five death sentences against him -- Parliament still hasn't stripped Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi of his post.  That's a detail that two whores struggle with.  They'll sometimes call Tareq the ex-vice president.  He is no such thing.  And didn't the KRG whip Nouri into line just weeks ago by threatening to have Tareq leave Turkey and return to the KRG?

It's amazing how they couldn't even tell that story.  But they can tell anything resembling the truth.

They want Nouri to dominate them sexually apparently, Prashant dreams of being tossed on the bed and taken by Nouri -- that's the only explanation for his reporting.  Knowing Jane, she probably just wants to watch.

Nouri can't fire and Nouri can't hire.

The Constitution gives that power to Parliament.  Only to Parliament.

Nouri can nominate someone to be a minister but only Parliament can sign off.  They do that with a vote.  The same as firing as anyone.

But haven't Jane and Prahsant treated it as possible and normal.  Either the law matters or it doesn't.  The Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.  If you're  a correspondent and the prime minister is breaking the Constitution -- that makes it into your reporting.

If you're a whore, you just lick your lips, moan and pleasure yourself -- something Prashant and Jane apparently never tire of.

Is it normal for women to be raped in prisons?


It's outrageous.  And Jane and Prashant worked overtime to ignore rape, didn't they?

One article, Jane?  And you refused to quote the victims.  It was months after the parliamentary committees had gone public about the rapes and their investigations into them.

So in the US if Congressional committees find rape taking place in prisons that Barack Obama oversaw and they refused to report that, what would you consider them?

Nouri repeatedly gets a pass from these whores.  He does something illegal or unconstitutional and they don't even note that.  Rapes take place and they don't even note it.

When I called Jane out earlier this week, I expected to here from two of her former peer (CNN) who always defend her.  After 24 hours and nothing, I made the calls myself to ask how angry they were over what I wrote?  Turns out, they weren't.  Jane's not reporting, they agree.  She's attempting to shape events.  A kind thought is that she thinks she's saving the country.  An unkind thought was that she'll tell any lie these days.  But both agreed, she is not reporting.  Both agreed that the Jane they defended would have never been caught dead ignoring the deaths of protesters or whitewashing a massacre.

It also didn't help that they'd caught her garbage last week on PRI where she was whoring for Nouri again.   She said that there were many groups in Iraq who felt the Boston was about reaping what was sowed but that Nouri extended sympathies.

That is such a gross lie.  And she does that all the time.  Goes on American outlets and presents Nouri as this wonderful person as opposed to the others who apparently are 'savages.'  For the record, the Boston bombings were condemned by all political leaders in Iraq: Ayad Allawi, Osama al-Nujaifi, Moqtada al-Sadr, Ameer al-Hakim, Massoud Barzani, etc.  There's what actually happens and then there's what Jane conveys to Americans.

In his first term, Nouri al-Maliki was a nightmare.  In his second term, to be surprised his actions, you really have to be stunted mentally -- possibly in a coma.  And to be on the ground as all of this happens, as he power-grabs and becomes ever more dictatorial, as he condemns the Iraqi people to poverty, as he creates security forces he doesn't have the power to create, to be on the ground when all of this happens and not document it, and not note it's illegal?

You should be held responsible for every human rights crime that takes place in Iraq.  You have made your decision to defend the abuse, to cover it up and to betray a nation's people.

We may push back finishing up coverage on the Senate Budget Committee hearing because the press has treated something else as 'normal' when it's not, when it's a huge overreach on Nouri's part and puts him in conflict with the US State Dept, the United Nations and the European Union.  But don't expect AFP to ever tell you because they're tickled pink by Nouri.

Why is it, think about this, Arraf and AFP are in Iraq.  They file repeatedly.  They didn't lead on the government's attack on Emo youth, they didn't lead on the rape, they didn't lead on the slaughter of Hawija, they didn't even lead on the French reporter Nouri arrested.  Time and again, they fail to do the most basic job.

They should have been fired long ago unless the real purpose of their jobs is to mitigate public outrage.

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