Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Protesters call for the military to stop the occupation, a minister resigns and more

Thug and Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki has used his extra-constitutional Operation Tigris Command forces to kill 20 protesters in Hawija.  Alsumaria reports Sahwa commander Abu Risha is calling for the military to leave the cities and stop harassing the protesters.  Risha sees even worse things resulting from the continued militarization of Iraq.  Kitabat notes that the attack on the protesters is, in kind words, termed a "folly." They also note that the dead are being smeared as "Ba'athists" and "terrorists" by the government to justify their deaths.  Kirkuk police (which are not Nouri's Tigris forces) say that the Operation Tigris Command made the decision to storm the sit-in and began firing.  National Iraqi News Agency notes that Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim has tendered his resignation over "the storming by army of the sit-in yard of Hawija and killing and wounding dozens of demonstrators."  That's right wounded.  In addition to the 20 killed, All Iraq News notes "dozens" injured.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has a special representative to Iraq, Martin Kobler.  NINA notes that Kobler arrived in Kirkuk this afternoon (Iraq time).  How wonderful.  Of course, yesterday Ayad Allawi was pleading, publicly pleading, for the UN to mediate for the safety of the protesters.  Kobler didn't think it was necessary.  Instead, he ran around Baghdad holding a series of meetings -- including with Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi who also urged him to go to Kirkuk.  Today 20 innocents are dead and dozens wounded and now Kobler can finally make it there?  Now?  All Iraq News adds that Kobler is calling for people to show "self-control."  Armed forces storm a sit-in, kill 20 and wound dozens and Kobler's calling for people to show "self-control"? 

With reports of as many as 80 injured, NINA notes that the Director of Health in Erbil has announced their hospitals are open to received the injured.  Erbil is one of the three provinces that make up the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government.

NINA notes MP Yassin al-Obeidi issued a statement today, "We, the MPs of Kirkuk and parliamentary delegation who came to Hawija yesterday, had asked the security forces to give us more time to talk with the demonstrators before storming the Hawija sit-in Square."   Sheikh Aabulmalik al-Saadi blames Nouri's forces for the blood shed todayAlsumaria adds that mosques in Dhuluiya (Salahuddin Province) are seeing protests in solidarity with the victims and martyrs of Hawija.  They're not only the protesters objecting to the slaughter.  NINA notes Mosul's sit-in is demanding that the military leave Nineveh Province.  The Ramadi protesters are making the same demand for Anbar Province.

How bad politically is the massacre?  Safaa Abdel-Hamid (Alsumaria) reports that Saleh al-Mutlaq left today's Cabinet meeting in protest of the slaughter.  Deputy Prime Minister al-Mutlaq had moved very close to Nouri in recent months.  So much so that a recent spat had the Iraqi press wondering if the "honeymoon" was over between the two of them?  Saleh's torn.  Alsumaria notes that in a meeting with Iraqiya later in the day, Saleh al-Mutlaq got into an argument with others present (that included Ayad Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi).  All Iraq News states the angry words were between Allawi and al-Mutlaq.   NINA adds the Iraqiya boycotted Parliament's session to protest the slaughter.  In a rush to begin the cover-up, the tyrant announces he will investigate.  All Iraq News reports Nouri announces he'll create a commission to investigate what happened in Hawija.

On the issue of the Council, there will be no elections next month in Anbar and Nineveh as the Independent High Electoral Commission.  National Iraqi News Agency notes the Council has decided elections will be held not next month but in July.  At least that's what they say today.  Anbar and Nineveh were illegally prevented from voting by Nouri al-Maliki.  He is very unpopular in those provinces.  He gave a series of reasons -- none valid -- for delaying the vote.  Only the IHEC is allowed to do that.  But whores to tell you that.  They should know Iraq's Constitution and they probably do . . . but they love to whore.  Case in point, Jane Arraf:

depends on definition of sacked. Cabinet has a right to appoint acting ministers. But Hoshyar says decision reversed..It's Iraq.

Really?  That's a "right"?  Where is written?  Did you read it maybe on Nouri's scrotum?

Acting Ministers do not exist in the Constitution.

The Constitution outlines how someone becomes a minister and how they stop being it.  There's no acting minister but if you're a cheap whore who has failed to hold Nouri accountable for trashing the Constitution, of course you'll call it a 'right.'

These rights exist in the minds of so-called analysts like Reider Vissar.  You know, the trash that pontificates about things that never happen.

Where was Reider on Hawija?  Oh, that's right he couldn't be concerned with it.  Where was he on the Emo issue?  That's right.

Time and again, we're covering what matters here.  If we're covering it, many others should be as well.  But that's not the case. 

Instead, there's a big circle-jerk of whores like Reider Vissar and Jane Arraf and so many more.  That's why they couldn't tell you about the British government's report on Iraq or that the British government lodged concerns of the human rights situation in Iraq.

They can't tell you because they're too busy whoring.

Jane didn't lead on Emo.  What was it a month?  Two?  Before she momentarily discovered the story?  Serious crimes are taking place, serious targeting and you're not hearing from the likes of Jane Arraf.

What you are hearing is justifications for violating the Constitution.

I guess whores don't care about laws.

A protester was murdered by Nouri's forces on Friday.  Jane will allow that in a Tweet.  (She missed the wounded however.)  But that wasn't reason for her or her useless kindred to report.  A Tweet covered it?

Government forces kill a protester and it's not news to these whores?

Why did Nouri think he'd get away with this slaughter?  Because government forces killed a protester on Friday and the whores didn't bother to treat as the serious story it was.  They have blood on their hands.

 But whores don't care about that either.  In fact, toss them a quarter and she'll probably lick the blood off herself.

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