Monday, July 15, 2013

Nouri will 'address' the Iraqi homeless

In the wake of the continued violence in Iraq, Alsumaria reports that a number of people took to the streets to call out the government for the huge increase in the cost of products -- staples.  Proving that Iraq's current government just doesn't get it, All Iraq News notes Nouri's Council of Ministers is determined to end homelessness.  By providing living shelters?  No..  By providing jobs?  No.  By passing a law that declares vacrants begging to be a crime. 

On the violence, NINA reports "an anti-terrorism official" was shot dead in Baghdad, an oil engineer was kidnapped in Kirkuk, and a Tuz  Khurmatu bombing left nine people injured.

In political news, All Iraq News notes:

 The media advisor of Kurdistan Region parliament's Speaker, Tariq Jawhar stressed that "Two days remain for the Region's President, Masoud Barzani to approve or reject the law over extending his term."  
Kurdistan parliament has approved on 30th of last June the proposal of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK to prolong the term of Barzani for two years (end in 2015) amid rejection of the opposition forces.

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