Thursday, November 28, 2013

David DeGraw and All In For The Worldwide Wave of Action

David DeGraw is on board for something:

Hope you enjoy some quality family time tomorrow. This year I’m giving thanks for my family and freedom fighters worldwide…

All In For the Worldwide Wave of Action

After being contacted from an Anonymous source two weeks ago via
EvolveSociety with a message of a forthcoming “communication,” the excitement that I felt was a bright light at a very dark personal time. It seems whenever I’m at a personal low point, these mysterious Anonymous forces appear. I’ve come to refer to them as the Anonymous Gods, because every time I’ve heard from them we have been guided into globally shifting experiences, from organizing in Tunisia and Egypt, to a collaboration between the 99% Movement and Anonymous (A99), which led us to Zuccotti Park and the origins of the global Occupy movement.

Suffice to say, our masked friends did not let us down this time either. They delivered a call for a
Worldwide Wave of Action (#www). If you’re reading this right now, you most likely already read it. It has been spreading around the internet like a infectious antidote to the virus that is the modern corrupted paradigm. The call blew me away. It struck me as the perfect message, the right plan at the right time. It calls on the critical mass of awake and aware people to rally together worldwide over a sustained three-month cycle, in a crowdsourced nonviolent fashion, beginning on the anniversary of MLK’s death, April 4th, and culminating on July 4th, which appears to be perfect timing for a massive demonstration in Washington DC that is already being organized.

The call hit all the sweet spots. Addressing the battle-tested lessons from the Anonymous and Occupy / 99% Movement, and offering a clear path forward, which is not just built around “swarming corrupt targets” but also on “rallying around solutions.” Every part of the call hit the nail on the head in a very concise and meaningful way. It further empowers the hardcore activists, while offering the average citizen viable ways for them to also plug in and make an impact on creating much needed transformation.

The number of people and groups who have quickly jumped on board and have been promoting the call has been incredibly inspiring, from hardcore
Anonymous outlets to a very diverse range of activism sites. Progressives, Libertarians, Anarchists and Spiritual groups have already picked up on it. All the politically aware factions that originally made the Occupy / 99% Movement breakthrough are finding commonground once again. It's already inspired some videos, check out this video featuring a remix of Linkin Park's new song, A Light That Never Comes, or as the video's creator put it, "Reform is the light that never comes. Tyranny reigns..."

After consulting with people whose judgment I respect, there is very strong consensus that it’s the best next strategic step. It’s a clever way for all of us to keep fighting in our own way, but in a more coordinated and unified fashion. In a way that inspires the masses, in a way that “nobody can ignore.”

Given the support of people around me, and my own strong belief that this is a very worthy campaign, I have pledged my full support and dedication to making this happen. I hope you will consider doing the same. If you haven’t already, you can read the
full call to action here.

The 99% and Occupy where ideas whose time had come. They laid the seeds of empowerment and formed “the awakening wave.” Now, out of this fertile soil, the Worldwide Wave of Action is an idea whose time has come.

@WaveOfAction said in a recent tweet:
"#Anonymous #Occupy & 99% have set up dominoes for unprecedented Worldwide Wave of Action. The tipping point is #www"
Onward brothers and sisters...
Get your paradigm shifting consciousness into alignment.

Ride the Wave of Transformation