Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More executions as assassinations and attempted ones go on throughout Iraq

More executions in Iraq today.  Let's drop back to the November 18th snapshot for some numbers:

 Ammar Karim (AFP) reports that Nouri's government boasted today that they had executed 12 more 'terrorists' today.  By October 10, the number executed was at least 132 so that brings the total to 144.  In their yearly high, Iraq executed at least 130 people in 2012.  2013 will continue their yearly increase.  Kitabat reports that the official making the announcement today refused to provide his name.  Kitabat's count is 144 for the year as well.   Here are the figures for the previous three years, as offered by Kitabat:

2010 18 executions
2011 67 executions
2012 123 executions

November 22nd came an announcement of 7 more deaths bringing the total to 151.  Salam Faraj (AFP) reports 11 more executions were announced today -- the eleven were hanged on Sunday.  Faraj notes Sunday's executions bring the total number to 162.

In 2012, Iraq came in third for most executions.  (The US was fifth.)  It is known to have executed 129 which placed it behind Iran with 314 and behind China with no provided number.  Figures are from Amnesty International's [PDF format warning] Death Sentences And Executions 2012.

National Iraqi News Agency reports 1 person shot dead in Khalis, preacher and Iman Rakan Hussein al-Naimi was injured by gunfire in a Rilkaif assassination attempt. Sheikh Ghadanfar al-Mahdawi survived (without injury) an attempted assassination "between Baqbua and Muqdadiyah," a Falluja sticky bombing claimed the life of 1 police officer, 1 police officer was shot dead in Baghdad, a Falluja roadside bombing claimed the life of 1 police officer and left two more injured, and the corpses of Sheikh Adnan al-Ghanem and Sheikh Kadhim al-Jubouri were discovered in Basra.  All Iraq News adds that the Mayor of Shuqiara Sufla Village, Jasim Mohammed al-Jubouri, was assassinated.

The following community sites -- plus Jody Watley, Pacifica Evening News, Jane Fonda, Ms. magazine's blog, Black Agenda Report, Antiwar.com and Susan's On the Edge -- updated last night and today:


    Finally, David Bacon's latest book is Illegal People -- How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants (Beacon Press) which won the CLR James Award. We'll close with this from Bacon's "Europe's Deadly Border" (Boston Review):

    On the night of October 3 a beat-up, unseaworthy freighter left a dock in Tripoli, on the Libyan coast, carrying a human cargo of 500 migrants.  Almost all had made an arduous overland journey from Eritrea and Somalia, through North Africa.  This trip across the Mediterranean Sea was the last leg that would bring them to Europe.

    The ship limped across the strait towards the southernmost piece of Italy, Lampedusa -- a small island closer to Libya than to Sicily.  It never made it.  In sight of the islet of Conigli its engines quit and it began to take on water.  Passengers panicked.  One set a blanket on fire to signal for help from shore or a passing boat.  But the flames spread to the engine's spilt fuel, which exploded.  People ran from the blaze, and their shifting weight capsized an already old unsteady vessel.  They were thrown into the sea.

    Most couldn't swim.  They could see the lights of Lampedusa, but they couldn't get to them.  Only 155 were able to tread water long enough to be finally picked up.  The other 359 people drowned, many of them children. 

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