Monday, December 16, 2013

A wave of attacks leave at least 54 dead and at least 53 injured

A series of spectacular attacks have slammed Iraq today leaving at least 54 people dead according to Reuters.  (There are also at least 53 injured.)

All Iraq News notes suicide bombers took control of the Beiji police station -- 2 blew themselves up at the gates and 2 more entered the police station and took control of it. National Iraqi News Agency reports 7 police officers were killed and four more were injured in the initial attacks.  In the process, All Iraq News notes, all prisoners being held at the police station were freed.  NINA adds that "security forces stormed the police station and killed the two suicide bombers who were inside."  Alsumaria reports a curfew has been imposed upon the city.

Also NINA notes assailants in "military uniforms stormed the building of the Municipal Council in the center of Tikrit" using a car bombing as the initial assault.  Alsumaria states the bombing was near the building and, following it, the municipal building was stormed.  All Iraq News has two suicide bombers detonating in the building.  NINA states security forces stormed the building killing all the assailants and freeing the hostages.

In addition, National Iraqi News Agency reports 7 people were shot dead in Mosul, a Falluja armed attack left 1 police officer dead and another injured, a central Baghdad bombing (Nahda area) claimed 1 life and left five more people injured, a Falluja suicide car bomber took his own life and the lives of 2 police officers plus five more people were injured, an armed attack in Baghdad left one employee of the City of Baghdad injured, a Baghdad car bombign (Jisr, "south of the capital") left twenty-five people injured, and a Baghdad car bombing (Bayaa area) left eight people injured.  Alsumaria reports the main checkpoint at the entrance to Anbar Province from Baghdad was attacked leaving 1 Iraqi military officer dead and four Iraqi soldiers injured.

Iraq Body Count notes 27 violent deaths on Sunday and, through Sunday, 475 people died from violence so far this month.

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