Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kim Gandy and Other Whores Who Hurt Women

I'm enraged.

I spent the last 10 minutes storming through the halls of my home chewing on a pop tart because I really, REALLY, need a cigarette.

(After the cancer scare of 2005, I stopped smoking -- although I did smoke Thanksgiving Day 2008 when the White House finally released the SOFA and I had to read through it quickly to analyze it here.)

What kind of world do we live in?


Al Gore never claimed he invented the internet.

But the press lies.

And it just can't stop lying and that leaves the rest of us standing in the mess it made.

We're dealing with Beyonce right now.  Feminists have to deal with the topic of the pop tart because we have to make it clear that, no, you aren't a feminist if you promote violence against women.

There is no pass for that.

Kim Gandy and her Gang of Whores have insisted that Beyonce's a feminist.

They've done that through 2013.

They've done that by lying.

To be really clear, the 'reports' of Beyonce claiming to be a feminist do not qualify as reporting.

They qualify as lying, they qualify as misleading.

The quote being attributed to Beyonce by Kim Gandy's gals -- including one piece of s**t editor -- isn't what Beyonce said.

A lot of women need to step forward before the year ends to correct their 'reporting.'

A quote either is or isn't.

You can't create it.

There will be an Iraq entry much later tonight.  And I may follow up on what I've just typed in a moment but I need to go pace or I will just bang my head against the wall and scream.  Probably, I'll just get on the treadmill or stepper for an hour.

While I appreciate the idea of a press, this is exactly why I am so critical of them in practice.

They fail to do their damn jobs and spread lies and misinformation instead.

Ava and I have to steer the edition at Third on Sunday and to address this topic we did that journalistic thing called 'research.'  For us, it just required going to my library and pulling the source material.  I think that took five minutes followed by ten minutes of WHAT THE F**K?

And then an hour of, "Those f**king whores lied again and now we have to do the mop up?"

I'm sick of it and I'm sick people's lack of standards.

I'm sick of Kim Gandy and her decades of lies which she always wants to claim, "I didn't know it was a lie!" That works once, twice tops.  After that, you're responsible for the 'reporting' you're endorsing in Tweets and interviews.  Kim Gandy needs to get off Twitter and get off the national stage because she's an idiot whose stupidity keeps harming feminism.

And that's putting it mildly.

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