Friday, January 24, 2014

As Nouri terrorizes the people, protests continue

National Iraqi News Agency reports that the Iraqi military's mortar shelling last night left 4 people dead and 32 more injured "including women and children" and today's military shelling of Falluja left 5 people dead and 14 more injured -- "most of them women and children."

Nouri's assault on Anbar continues.  Collective punishment is what Nouri's pursuing.  If you doubt that from the above, consider this:  Iraqi Spring MC notes that Nouri's army shelled Falluja General Hospital.

Attacking hospitals is an international no-no.

Nouri al-Maliki is a War Criminal.

All Iraq News notes Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi who has been in DC on an official visit:

Nijaifi said in a press interview in Washington “We don’t object the war against terrorism but the Prime Minister acted alone in this case while he was supposed to ask for the approval of the Parliament.”
“We support the tribes’ stance related to backing the Army, but this military operation should not be used for political or electoral benefit since it was started a short time before the elections,” Nijaifi added.

“Fighting terrorism in Anbar should be left for the Sunni community who succeeded in eliminating Qaeda in western parts of Iraq earlier in 2007-2010,”

We'll note again that Tuesda, Iraq's Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi met with US President Barack Obama.

That's the third time we've noted the photo -- first time was after a White House friend griped that they had issued a picture and I hadn't noted it here.  I hadn't noted it because I didn't know about it.  Hopefully, including it three times in two days mends a fence.  NINA notes that al-Nujaifi met today with US General Ray Odierno and KRG President Massoud Barzani spoke with US Senator John McCain about the Iraq crisis while both were in Davos Switzerland today.

As Nouri's War Crimes pile up, All Iraq News notes that the Ministry of Interior is very upset about reports that their forces accidentally shot and killed a woman in Baghdad.  They did not.

They just accidentally shot her and wounded her.

Didn't kill her.

They want the difference noted.

They just left her wounded.

In a war zone.

Iraqi Spring MC notes Nouri's military planes continue to bomb Sheikh Ali Hatem Bridge in Ramadi.  Why they're bombing a bridge to begin with would be a good question -- especially considering Iraq's crumbling infrastructure.  But who in the western press will report this -- let alone ask why a bridge is being bombed by the government?

Since December 21, 2012, protests have been ongoing throughout Iraq over Nouri's corruption and criminality.  These protests continue.  NINA reports:

Sheikh Mohammed al-Dulaimi, Preacher and Imam of Fri-prayers of Ramadi urged the federal government to respond to the demands of the protesters and keep security and stability in Anbar province.
Sheikh al-Dulaimi condemned in his Friday sermon that was held in Aljamii-Lkabeer / Grand Mosque/ in central Ramadi the "indiscriminate shelling of Ramadi ,indicating that this bombing has killed and injured hundreds of civilians.

And the attacks have been indiscriminate leading many civilians to flee.  Wael Grace (Al Mada) reports it is thought 75% of the residents of Falluja have fled.  The United Nations Refugee Agency issued the following today:

GENEVA, January 24 (UNHCR) The UN refugee agency on Friday reported that more than 65,000 people had over the past week fled the conflict in the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi in central Iraq's Anbar province. Since fighting broke out at the end of last year, more than 140,000 people have been made homeless by fighting according to Iraq's Ministry of Displacement and Migration.
This is the largest displacement Iraq has witnessed since the sectarian violence of 2006-2008. This number comes on top of the 1.13 million people already internally displaced in Iraq and who are mostly residing in Baghdad, Diyala and Ninewa provinces.
UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva that people in Anbar, including UNHCR staff, had reported that many civilians were unable to leave conflict-affected areas where food and fuel were now in short supply.
"Most of the recently displaced remain outside Fallujah city, accommodated by relatives or staying in schools, mosques and hospitals where resources are running low. Host families are having difficulties sustaining the burden of caring for the displaced," he said.
The spokesman added that UNHCR and its humanitarian aid partners had managed to distribute tarpaulins, blankets, sleeping mats, food, and hygiene supplies. On Thursday, UNHCR delivered 2,400 core relief kits. The Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Iraqi parliament have also sent aid.
"Many of the displaced, nonetheless, are still in desperate need of food, medical care, and other aid. As the insecurity has spread, many families who fled several weeks ago have been displaced again," Edwards said.
The UN in Iraq has asked the government to facilitate the opening of a humanitarian corridor to reach displaced and stranded families in Anbar province. In recent weeks, several bridges leading into the conflict area and communities hosting displaced people have been destroyed, making access difficult. Currently, it is impossible to reach the area from Baghdad and relief agencies are using roads coming from northern Iraq.
Meanwhile, other areas of Iraq including Baghdad, Erbil, Kerbala, Salah-al-Din and Ninewa have witnessed the arrival of thousands of displaced people. People are reportedly without money for food and lack suitable clothing for the rainy conditions. Children are not in school and sanitary conditions, particularly for women, are inadequate.
"Establishing camps for the newly displaced is not our preferred option and may prolong displacement. But, if the government of Iraq opts to establish sites, UNHCR is ready to provide tents and core relief items as well as provide support to camp management," Edwards said in Geneva,
In northern Iraq, at the request of the Erbil government, UNHCR has refurbished the Baharka temporary site to host people arriving from Anbar. Tents, electricity and sanitation facilities have been installed and the facility is ready to accommodate up to 300 families should the government decide to open the site. In Suleymaniya, some sections of Arbat camp, originally built for Syrian refugees, have been made available to accommodate internally displaced Iraqis. There are some 300 displaced families in Suleymaniya.

Planning is under way to field additional mobile teams to strengthen capacity in Anbar and teams could also be dispatched to other provinces hosting the displaced.

Iraqi Spring MC reports Nouri's forces carried out a campaign of arrests in Adhamiya (Baghdad neighborhood that has been protesting Nouri for over a year) focusing on the youth -- the protesters have been predominately young adults.  NINA reports:

Army troops closed on Friday evening al- Adhamiya district and the roads leading to it and prevented citizens from entering or leaving it after the arrest of Sheikh Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz al-Ani, head of the Council of Scholars of Iraq , and Abdul Sattar Abdul-Jabbar Imam and preacher of al-Imam al-Aadham Mosque .

Eyewitnesses in al- Adhamiya district said in a telephone contact with / NINA / that the security forces deployed their military vehicles in different districts in al-Adhamiya especially near its entrances and main streets as a proactive step on the invitations to hold a sit-in in front of Abu Hanifa mosque in protest at the arrest of the two sheikhs .

The eyewitnesses confirmed that the security forces have forced the owners of the shops and restaurants to close their shops for fear of the evolution of the situation.

Staying with violence, All Iraq News reports 2 Tikrit bombings left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and four more injured, an armed clash in Ramadi left 13 fighters dead and that a home invasion late last night in Basra left 2 women dead (mother and daughter).  NINA also notes a Hamrin home bombing which left two police injured, Joint Special Operations Command declared they killed 2 suspects in Mosul, 1 Sahwa was shot dead outside of Kirkuk, and an armed clash in Falluja left 2 Iraqi soldiers dead and four more injured.

But again, the violence did not stop the protests.  Nouri has tried everything to silence them, but the people continue to demonstrate.

  1. الجمعة الموحدة في قضاء عنه بمحافظة الانبار: .
  2. الجمعة الموحدة في مدينة سامراء بمحافظة صلاح الدين: .
  3. الجمعة الموحدة في راوه بمحافظة الانبار: .
  4. الجمعة الموحدة في جلولاء بمحافظة ديالى: .
  5. الجمعة الموحدة في مدينة تكريت بمحافظة صلاح الدين: .

Iraqi Spring MC notes above protests continued in Anbar, Samarra, Rawa, Jalawla and Tikrit and also protests continued in Falluja, Baiji, and Baquba.

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