Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Hate The War

War Criminal Tony Blair has a column at the Guardian newspaper entitled "Religious difference, not ideology, will fuel this century's epic battles."  Sorry to be the one to break it to whomever wrote the headline but religious differences?  That would be ideology.

What do you think it is? Religious food allergies?

No one expects sanity from Tony Blair at this late date -- and not after smearing papayas all over himself and then on his wife as the prelude to their religious sex -- that's what they called it -- in a cave.

Freaks, truly.

And I don't judge people on their religion.

I do judge them on their sanity and you smear fruit juices all over your body and then roll around on the dirt in Mexico or the US (less true of Canada based on the season), you're going to have ants crawling all over you.  And if you're lucky, ants will be the only insects or others crawling on you because they smell the fruit.  And it was hot, the weather, so you've got that sticky fruit smeared on your body and you're rolling around on the dirt, picking that up on your body, sticking to where you've put the fruit -- and they rubbed everywhere -- they rubbed it everywhere.  You wouldn't want ants on you anywhere but especially not on or in your genitalia.

But that didn't bother them because it was: Religious sex.

I'm going to repeat it: Freaks.

Nothing to do with mocking their belief in God, everything to do with asking what crazy person, on a hot day, smears fruit juice all over their body and their spouse's and then rolls around in the dirt?

Only freaks.  And that's not even "sex freak" (or "Freeek"), that's just weirdos.

The former UK prime minister and forever War Criminal writes:

The fact is that, though of course there are individual grievances or reasons for the violence in each country, there is one thing self-evidently in common: the acts of terrorism are perpetrated by people motivated by an abuse of religion. It is a perversion of faith. But there is no doubt that those who commit the violence often do so by reference to their faith and the sectarian nature of the conflict is a sectarianism based on religion. There is no doubt either that this phenomenon is growing, not abating.

I'm sorry, I was under the impression that Blair had some level of education.  And, looking at his teeth, I knew it wasn't dental school.

A "perversion" of a religious faith -- be it Baptist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, whatever -- is an ideology.  In fact, it's actually a "branch" if it has enough supporters.  

When Tony Blair -- who is responsible for the murder of so many Muslims -- wants to bring religion into it, rightly or wrongly, I read it as Tony talking about himself.  (And if Tony wants to read "sex on the brain" into this piece, he'd be right.  And know how I spent several hours tonight.)  That's what we do, as humans.  When we bring topics out of the blue with no apparent prompting, we're doing it because it's weighing on us.  

Tony should feel guilty.

And he should stop trying to hide behind a god to cover his War Crimes.

"Freeek" is a George Michael song.  I love George, I consider him a dear friend.  So let me plug Symphonica which comes out March 17th (his latest album) and was produced by the late Phil Ramone.  But  I wanted to note the video below in an entry this weekend.

 And it actually fits in this one.  It's one of my favorite songs George has written -- one of my favorite he's recorded, "Outside."

I love the song, I love the "takemetotheplaces that I love best" part -- just this rhythm and the way he phrases it.  

But I also love it for the context. 

George could have hidden his head.

He could have put out a song -- after the arrest in the men's room -- that ignored it.

Everyone knew about it -- it was bigger news when it happened that Justin Beiber's arrest this week.

And George is smart.  

He knew he had to comment on it and he does in the video.

We can all relax, there's no elephant in the room anymore. 

Tony Blair can't relax.  Because he still can't get honest.

The world knows he's a War Criminal and he thinks he possesses some spiritual high ground from which to speak from?  


He's as big a joke as George would have been if his first single after the arrest hadn't acknowledged it.  Everyone would have been uncomfortable -- and a lot of people would have been embarrassed for him.  But George is an upfront person.  He put it out there, everyone relaxed, it was no longer a big deal.

Tony Blair's not an upfront person.  Which is why the world's embarrassed for him as he thinks we see him as devout and spiritual or that he can trick us into seeing him that way.  The blood drips from him, he is a War Criminal responsible for the deaths of millions.

It's over, I'm done writing songs about love
There's a war going on
So I'm holding my gun with a strap and a glove
And I'm writing a song about war
And it goes
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Oh oh oh oh
-- "I Hate The War" (written by Greg Goldberg, on The Ballet's Mattachine!)

The number of US service members the Dept of Defense states died in the Iraq War is [PDF format warning] 4489.

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