Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some of the ongoing violence

National Iraqi News Agency reports 1 man was shot dead in Nasiriyah, police "Maj. Yassin Taha" was shot dead in Aneh, a Mousl roadside bombing killed 2 Iraqi soldiers, a Kirkuk mortar attack left five Iraqi soldiers wounded, 1 police officer was shot dead in Mosul and another was left injured, a Kan'an home invasion left one person injured, and a Kut bombing claimed the life of 1 police member and left three other people injured.  All Iraq News adds a police member and his wife were shot dead in Shurqat, and they quote Secretary General Abdulla Ajel al-Yawer explaining a Mosul home invasion, ''The armed groups were disguising in police uniforms raided the house of the woman and handcuffed her brother preparing to kill him, when the woman discovered that the armed groups are not within police or army forces started shooting at them by a weapon which was in her house. The woman, who belongs to Shammar tribe, killed one of the gunmen and wounded another.  'The armed clashes continued till the woman was killed."

Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 348 violent deaths in Iraq so far this month.

That's in eleven days. 348 deaths.  And it's an undercount because most of the deaths reported leave out the attacks on Anbar by Nouri's forces.

If you look at today's violence, you may notice that none of te above is Ramadi or Falluja.  We said, before this assault started, that it would only add to the violence because the violence throughout Iraq would continue and it has.

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