Saturday, January 11, 2014

Streaming Francis Boyle

Francis A. Boyle is an attorney and a professor of international law.  He's also the author of many books including, most recently, United Ireland, Human Rights and International Law.

You can stream here to hear:

Prof. Boyle compares Obama unfavorably with his predecessors, cites killing of Americans, strengthening of Nat. Def. Auth. Act., destruction of Libya, destabilization of Syria, escalation of confrontation with China, risking WW3; backing of Japan’s military resurgence; suggests efforts to resolve Syrian and Iran situations reflect pivot to Asia; speaks of efforts to impeach Bush Sr. and Obama; of cowardice and complicity of Congress, both parties, in Iraq war; says FISA court judges should be impeached; hails Snowden as hero and blasts Israel Lobby.