Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ambassador Stephen Beecroft takes your questions

A US State Dept friend  requested I note the following:

Are you curious about the political/economic relations between the U.S. and Iraq? Do you want to know more about cultural and educational programs?
Well, here’s your chance! Post your questions to Ambassador Stephen Beecroft on our Facebook page or send them to The deadline for submitting your questions is March 1, 2014. We will post the Ambassador’s answers to the most popular questions on the Embassy’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.  

Stephen Beecroft is the US Ambassador to Iraq.

Those wishing to ask a question can come from anywhere.  You don't have to either be in Iraq or the US, the State Dept is the face of the US to the world, an ambassador especially so.

There are no rules for what questions can be submitted but only the most popular ones will be addressed.

Expected topics include the upcoming elections and how the US Embassy assists the Iraqi government and the foreign business community.  

Those are what they expect.

Because the people who participate in these exchanges are usually the same group of people.

So here's your heads up and you can do your part to make the exchange more productive.

What I would ask would about the press, the failure of the Nouri al-Maliki government  to ever prosecute anyone for the murder of a journalist, does the US no longer recongize Geneva and does that explain the silence on Nouri's attacks on Anbar hospitals in the last weeks, the silence of the US Embassy on the  Human Rights Watch  report entitled (PDF format warning) "'NO ONE IS SAFE: Abuses of Women in Iraq's Criminal Justice System"?

This can be a boring and mundane talk -- I doubt it will be, I'm sure supporters of the Ashraf community will work together to ensure at least one of the most popular questions is about Ashraf -- or it can at least attempt to address some real issues.

That's going to be up to the people who submit questions.

(I was told that the most popular questions will be addressed, that they're not going to 'fix' the results.)

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